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  1. Hello, I hope the information will serve you, I also have the same board the way I install armbian and now it is working well, it is as follows: download the multitool provided by the same page, also download the ISO image, (based on debian buster) , first record the multitool, on the SD card, with Win32 disk imager, once recorded, remove the sd card, and put it to the tv box, connect power to the box and start, in the main menu delete flash memory (before you can make a copy of the box image), and we restart the system with the restart option, again we go to the PC, with the SD card, and copy the ISO, downloaded in advance, into images, remove the card and place in the box, in the main menu of the multitool we choose the option Burn armbian image step-nand, and we record the ISO image, when we finish recording, we turn off the box, we remove the Sd card, the energy of the box, we turn on the box again and it should start the system, then follow the instructions presented to us ...... I hope it helps you .....
  2. Hello to this great community, I want to comment on the experience I had when installing the armbian operating system on a TV BOX card, RK322x, with 1 Gb of RAM and 8 of ROM. • The system was installed with Armbian 21.05.1 Buster • Linux kernel 4.4.194 rk322x • The installation was done from the image in SD memory • LIBREOFFICE was also installed, in English, which later changes it to Spanish, which is the language I speak. • The internet connection by cable lan or by wifi, is configured normally. • It was also possible to change the Armbian operating system to the Spanish language, without incident. • The libreoffice is working normally. I can load writer and calc at the same time. Being able to write up to 5 sheets normally. (I only wrote 5 sheets I am sure you can write more sheets). • Regarding the browsers that are installed by default, (cromium and firefox), I can comment that native cromium is very slow to load and does not support more than 2 open windows, I uninstalled it because because I wanted to improve I put "acceleration by hardware ”and the cromium paralyzed the system so I uninstalled it and installed the version of cromium Version 90.0.4430.212 (Developer Build) built on Debian 10.9, running on Debian 10.9 (32-bit), with this version I have noticed that it has improved navigation and can keep up to 3 windows open, with a tolerable speed (graphics load slowly). • The file and package management are fine. • I have not had any error messages. • Sound is output normally from external speakers and headphones. • Monitor, keyboard, mouse installed normally. • Any printer recognizes it quickly and normally • Print documents without incident. • Recognizes USB memories. • The Box TV does not heat up, it maintains a normal temperature. Cons: • The reproduction of videos (youtube) in browsers are poor and slow. • The Cromium browser does not recognize Gmail. • The SMTUBE, installs normally, but does not play videos (I don't understand why). • Once the writer froze, no matter how graphic (it must be due to the low capacity of the board). It is what I could contribute, about the experience that I am having in the rk322x board, I am still a beginner in this topic, I hope that the information can be of use to someone, and if you could support me in the installation of a youtube player without flash in the device as well as improving the system I will be very grateful ... ... I will continue doing some tests and I will be commenting on it in future publications, thank you very much.
  3. Hello friends, I am convinced that playing videos from a browser is disappointing, it plays with poor resolution and is very slow, my query is, how to install SMTUBE, an application to play YouTube videos, please can you tell me the steps ... many Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, thanks for replying, the kernel is 4.4.194.rk322x, legacy and the gpu is not showing up .... please help to fix internet slowness ..
  5. Hello everyone, thanks to this community I managed to install Armbian on Tv Box, with RK322x board, everything is going well ... I just have a little problem, the internet is very slow, (my connection is good and stable) the youtube videos are reproduced slow and with pauses, please if someone has the solution or how I can improve the video playback, I will be very grateful .... best regards to this great community ..
  6. Good morning everyone, I was able to install Armbian on my RK322X board, everything is fine, although YouTube plays slowly and with stops, .... here I ask for your help, is it possible to improve the configuration to speed up video playback in some way? .... another query, what commands are used in general to configure the system? .... example (sudo armbia-config) .... thank you very much for your answers ...
  7. Again to make the following query: is it possible to install armbian on box tv with RK322x processor? And can you please send me the steps to follow to perform this installation? Thank you in advance for your support and help to this humble follower of the forum ... thank you.
  8. Good afternoon, I am new at this, maybe I was not specific, excuse me, my question is if I can install armbian in a TV box that has an RK322x board, how would the procedure to install in an SD memory be, I will be very grateful if you can guide me ... thank you blessings
  9. .I have a Tv Box, with this R329Q V3.0 board, I wanted to know if it is possible to install armbian ... and if this is how the installation procedure is ...... thanks for your help