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  1. One solution to this would be to merge both the old and the new rule into the same file (like I ended up doing above), but I would highly suggest that we package a new version of the bsp with the correct rule in a 21.05.3 version to avoid issues with non-spinning fans. Let me know if I can assist by any means.
  2. It is STILL an issue in the 21.05.2 package in the repo https://armbian.hosthatch.com/apt/pool/focal-utils/a/armbian-bsp-cli-helios64/armbian-bsp-cli-helios64_21.05.2_arm64.deb so anybody upgrading to 21.05.2 will get the old udev rule and the fancontrol issue
  3. For anybody passing by, the issue is due to the fact that for some reason the armbian-bsp-cli-helios64 package for 21.05.2 (EDIT: clarify, 21.05.1 is fine as seen below) was build with the old udev rule (for 4.4 kernels): $ ls armbian-bsp-cli-helios64_21.05.1_arm64.deb\data.tar\.\etc\udev\rules.d\ 10-wifi-disable-powermanagement.rules 50-mali.rules 50-rk3399-vpu.rules 50-usb-realtek-net.rules 70-keep-usb-lan-as-eth1.rules 90-helios64-hwmon.rules 90-helios64-ups.rules $ ls armbian-bsp-cli-helios64_21.05.2_arm64.deb\data.tar\.\etc\udev\rules.d\ 10-wifi-disable-powermanagement.rules 50-mali.
  4. Posting here following what was recommended on twitter. After updating my helios64 earlier this week and rebooting to get the new kernel, I realized it was suspiciously silent. A quick check to sensor temps readings and physical check made me realize the fan were not spinning. After a quick read on the wiki, I checked fancontrol which was indeed failing: root@helios64:~ # systemctl status fancontrol.service ● fancontrol.service - fan speed regulator Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/fancontrol.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Drop-In: /etc/systemd/