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  1. Could you share the dmesg? My img are working, both cli and desktop versions. Have you tried to reflash the img? If possible, share the systemctl status of you desktop manager
  2. Rock3A test with jammy build with kernel 5.17.5 WIFI: -Qualcomm QCA9377 (5ghz/2.4gz and bluetooth), RTL8821CU(5ghz and 2.4ghz) , MT7601U chipsets are working. QCA9377 is somehow chopped 6mbit/s transfer rate, the others have nice performance for common tasks like upgrading the system and browsing. It should work tools for monitoring wifi like tcpdump and hacking with aircrack-ng. -ethernet: its 1gbit/s, my router detects but I dont have gigabit internet provider to test downloads. -docker can be installed in the 3rd softy modules option without problem as was in other kernel versions 4.19 and 5.10. Didn't test it at the moment, but I will certainly test and use it. SYSTEM: -Since I plugedd a lot of adapters, power drain was more than the average, so it rebooted the board somehow with 5v voltage and 3 amps available from the powerbank. The board becomes more at stable above 9v. 5v is for tasks that are not really demanding, watching the load from htop helped to see that. -Using hdmi-vga adapter its still an issue, tried lower the resolution and the screen rate to 1366x768 60hz/30hz and 1650x1050 60/30hz but monitor still managed to turn off and on. Some stuff I will test more in this board, but at the time, this kernel suits well in this board for tasks using cli.
  3. Hi, newbie here. I would like to help with those tests, and maybe with Ansible. But I'm new in that, so I will try to learn and help. I learning linux, so I will try to learn bash to help you guys, and because it is usefull skill for linux. I've got the Rock pi S, Rasp. pi 3b+, rock pi X to try some tests.
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