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  1. Is this running legacy (and not mainline)? Also I noticed that the desktop video was shot on a banana pi m2 plus but the video title lists an orange pi. Have you run fb graphics for any significant amount of time on an orange pi? I ask because I've been getting errors (ktask timeout) after running a fb load on an orange pi zero.
  2. Has anyone actually soldered onto these points to get the extra usb ports? I couldn't even see the points clearly without a magnifier so it's clearly out of my league. Love the idea, but a hobbyist has got to know their limitations.
  3. tao

    LicheePi Zero

    I saw an indegoo campaign for the LicheePi Zero and was wondering if it'll be a useful board or chock-full-o-problems. It only has 64mbram, but may be useful if used in specific iot projects. I don't think it's available for purchase yet, but it may be soon. I would be interested in getting the add-on wifi component and driving a 2.4" tft lcd with this board.
  4. I might have misrepresented the problem by naming the message printed on the console (ALSA). I suspect the problem might be related to fbftft. Looking at issues such as https://github.com/notro/fbtft/issues/413 If that's the case, it may be hard to fix running with the legacy kernel.
  5. echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs reduces the number of log messages, but the program still hangs. Not sure pygame is generating an ALSA error.
  6. Are you running the graphical windows environment (X windows) on this display and you need to customize it to make it usable, or are you using the display as a text console and you'd like to get more text on the screen?
  7. I have an orange pi one running armbian 5.25 with a 2.4" ili9341 TF LCD initialized with "modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:198,dc:199 speed=16000000 rotate=90 busnum=0". Most of the time, after running a pygame program for about 25 minutes I get the error below. Then, often about 10 minutes after the error message the program freezes. ALSA lib pcm.c:7843:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred I've seen the same thing happen with several programs. The program below usually creates the error. Running the same program on raspbian generates no errors so I don't think it's the code itself, but something in the environment. Here's dmesg info from the fb modprobe to just after the program freezes
  8. I'd like to say that I appreciate the contributed work. It's easily overlooked and taken for granted, but it shouldn't. By the work of many others I get the opportunity to play with new, inexpensive, and fun alternatives to the rpi. And that is a hoot. I shop and buy new orange pis and neo pis with the confidence that armbian will work. And in those cases where there are issues I can ask my question here and not be mocked and shamed. For all the work, and for the forum to lean ... Thank you.
  9. To clarify -- the Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 which has AP6212 for WiFi is much better than the WiFi on the Orange Pi Zero (which is bad even for us with low expectations). Would it be fair to say it will be good? Or would it be more accurate to say it'll be acceptable? If wifi is okay/good this is a nice looking board since it'll have wifi, Bluetooth, 8GB EMMC flash, and 512 MB RAM for ~ 19 USD. The csi camera interface is nice too but so far I haven't seen many good cameras that are compatible with the oranges (I really wish I could use my rpi cams on my oranges!).
  10. Please keep adding workaround as you find them. I have a neo but have not done much with it. These tidbits will help me when I get back to it.
  11. I found the wifi on the orange pi zero to be as bad as mentioned in various places in this forum. My needs and expectations were really low too. I was disappointed, I love the zero, except for it's wifi performance. I finally wound up sticking a usb dongle on the darn thing. Not what I wanted, but it works "okay". I'm glad I found armbian. It's a great distribution and lets me experiment with devices in all shapes, sizes, and cost. And I get it for free! Yeah, I wish the zero's wifi might work better, or work at all in your case, but hell, I love what these folks have done. And that leads me to my point -- the wifi on the zero is crap. Been said many times. I find it hard to consider the software a "major problem" when it doesn't have decent hardware to work with. Maybe you should leave a note on the Orange Pi forum asking them to improve their wifi hardware. I'm pretty sure the armbian crewe would make a decent wifi component live up to it's potential.
  12. Oh, too bad. I'll have to move on to my next project now. For some reason I thought this was pretty cool idea. Thank you for verifying.
  13. You're absolutely correct! USB-WiFi is quick, reliable, and well-proven. This is only for fun and learning.
  14. I want to use an ESP-12F to add wireless to my NanoPi Neo, but I don't think the Neo has broken out all the connections I'd need. Hackaday desctibes how to interface a Raspberry Pi B+ to an ESP-12F (https://hackaday.io/project/8678/instructions), but the Neo seems to lack some of the required pins. I like this idea since I've liked the performance and ability of every esp8266 system I've used. Their wifi network is solid, and they're low cost. Is this a lost cause or is it possible? Or perhaps this is a dumb idea? I'm not sure how well it'll perform vs a usb wifi modules, but the idea has captured my imagination.
  15. I suspect there might be issues with the startup configuration. I found this http://www.catb.org/gpsd/troubleshooting.html when googling; it has a good section on troubleshooting startup issues. You might need to create some startup files, but the link includes the required details.
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