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  1. Good luck to everyone 😁, i will make first a server and then maybe i will make a KVM to open my PC when I'm on vecations to check some things from my laptop!!! πŸ˜…
  2. Good luck to everyone 😁, i will make first a server and then maybe i will make a KVM to open my PC when I'm on vecations to check some things from my laptop!!! πŸ˜…
  3. @SteeMan hello my friend, i try to find a forum with S905L and i can't find anything. Is this a right topic for me? this instruction's are for me too? If yes i can't find any img for me... do you have any idea where to find one for S905L? Thank you very much and sorry to bother!!!! πŸ˜…
  4. @jock ok thank you my friend, I think there isn't any other forum with the S905L but i will double check, Is there any alike board like S905L? i mean is there any SAME board as S905L? at least i will try different versions !!!! 😜
  5. @RaptorSDS They did WHAT? 😡 ooohh boy.....
  6. @jock I think i figured what the problem was ..... I have a S905L not a RK3228A processor πŸ˜‚, good lord! I'm feel so stupid that i didn't open it from the beginning! 🀣
  7. @RaptorSDS I tried both ways and the tv box doesn't boot with multitool... i can see the files for the file Explorer but the tv box doesn't open to the multitool menu, I believe the problem is in the partition thing... I will try with Win32 Imager something like that or rufus to make it bootable πŸ€” OR with a USB 3.0. What's your opinion? πŸ˜₯
  8. @RaptorSDS So.... for the second way: i must put with belena multitool inside the SD and then i put the SD inside TV BOX to boot for the first time and then i unzip the armbian img inside the image file in SD? and for the first: i just flash with belena the Multitool and put just like that the compress file of arm img inside the image file and.... That's it? Thank you my friend! 😁
  9. @jock hey mate, i want to ask you a really stupid question(for you, for me its a valuable one πŸ˜…) i tried to burn the Multitool with Belena and i have two partitions ok? then when i tried to unzip the Armbian img inside the image file i can't because i have small space..... I have read all the documentation and i can't figure it out which is the right way to burn the multitool inside the SD and don't have partitions... i have download the sd formatter to format easy and clean the SD card!!! Sorry for the boomer questions but... my gramps always says "There is no stupid question, only a dummy person"πŸ˜‚ Thank you for your answers!!!!❀
  10. @jock ok i will see that too, thanks mate! now i must solve a little problem about my SD Card at this moment, my SD is a 64GB A2 U3 Sandisk and i had made it with Belena Etcher and a another img of armbian specially a bullsye img and now my sd shows me a only 1 part 5,something Gigs and the other 59 aren't connected somehow... 🀣 wtf is happening here? i have made 15 times format of the sd card and always shows me 5GB space..... hahahahah something doesn't want to make it happen πŸ˜‚
  11. @jock thank you my friend, all this time i was with desktops for ubuntu or kali , I never done this before i believe i got this! , do you mean from the GitHub Rep? if yes i just download the xfce current 5,15 you just said! thanks if i have any questions i will tag you if you don't mind! 😁 Thanks a lot! πŸ˜…
  12. @fabiobassa Yes i have some experience with Ubuntu and Kali πŸ˜…but I never done this before, I want to drain more knowledge πŸ€“and learn more in Linux and i saw that the TV Box i have can be a server and i said "Why not, let's try it!", it will have only a Pi hole inside and a little web server to host my Portofolio and a Totally Custom Theme that i will make for Wordpress. πŸ˜„ I'm so sorry for the trouble guys, like i said I'm never done this before, i just need a little push πŸ˜…, if i find a problem i will seek the answer my own and ONLY if i don't find anything i will come back! I'm so sorry again!!!!πŸ˜₯
  13. @fabiobassa @remlei I don't know what img to download... can you help me? i want a desktop img 😜 Thanks guys!!!
  14. @fabiobassa so i must install Armbian first and then run the commants in the cmd? ... or i must download an app from the play store like a cmd app and run those commands there? πŸ€”
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