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    @jock I think i figured what the problem was .....  I have a S905L not a RK3228A processor 😂, good lord! I'm feel so stupid that i didn't open it from the beginning! 🤣 

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    @Max Sterg It's happening that the partition will be enlarged the first time you run the system.
    You should read a bit of the armbian documentation to grasp the basics, it has been written for a purpose: https://docs.armbian.com/
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    @Max Sterg Ok, no problems! From the previous post you let us think you were a total newbie, but yet you have some experience.
    However, if you want a desktop image, you have to go with an xfce image.
    Read carefully the first post for the instructions, also don't take the images from that directory you did the screenshot above, but follow the link to the community images built by armbian server.
    I suggest to use a mainline kernel (either "current" 5.15 or "edge" 5.19) with xfce if you want to experience a desktop environment. The difference is that "current" kernel is more stable, "edge" kernels are development ones and may potentially break, even though I don't usually push anything that deliberately breaks things even for edge kernels.
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    sha contains the checksum for the image which you can validate locally.
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