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    earth08 reacted to Igor in Docker on H3 Armbian
    We provide even daily builds of this(all) kernel(s), but we won't hear any of pleads for help, because such service is stupid, costly, inefficient, ... supporting stable kernel is already way over for a free amateur service. Developing kernels are built daily for developers and for testing, that we are able to improve them ... and one day, when we are satisfied with quality, put them out.
    That's the point.
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    earth08 reacted to Igor in Docker on H3 Armbian   
    Docker port for ARM is unofficial and it doesn't need 4G RAM. This is not Windows / Intel world
    Check this thread for more info.
    But there is a problem since Docker needs at least kernel 3.10 and for this board (Orange Pi 2e) we don't have stable kernel higher than 3.4.113.
    Image with kernel 4.9.x can be built, it might even work fine, but we don't provide any support under any condition. You are on your own in case of troubles and they will pop out since this kernel is still under development.
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    earth08 reacted to Igor in What's needed to upgrade Orange Pi 2E+ from legacy?   
    Yes, but I am not a god   There are things that I simply don't know or would need to waste a lot of time to dig for info and give it to you. I don't provide manual Google service.
    Try using our search:
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    earth08 reacted to zador.blood.stained in What's needed to upgrade Orange Pi 2E+ from legacy?   
    It's not coming to H3 devices officially yet. Mainline (dev kernel branch) is targeted at developers and advanced users and we are looking at developer grade feedback on it and don't provide any end user support.
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    earth08 reacted to zador.blood.stained in Orange Pi Plus 2E now available   
    Which doesn't change anything:
    Most of the features (Ethernet, DVFS, THS, display) are still not done, so until they are present in official releases there will be no mainline images for H3 based boards for end users.
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    earth08 reacted to nxtv2.0 in Mainline ethernet driver H3   
    With your kernel and dtb and lib/modules the ethernet led lights up
    IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready The distro uses ethernet by:
    ifconfig eth0 down ifconfig eth0 add up route add default gw echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf What could be wrong?
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    earth08 reacted to Igor in Orange Pi Plus 2E now available   
    They lack 100+ fixes and various additional features? Check release date of those "alternatives"! They are so outdated and buggy, that are not even on the level to be comparable. There are and there will be no updates or any type of support.
    Next. Armbian is recommended general purpose OS in 9 out of 10 cases (estimated, probably more than that) on Facebook groups and other 3rd party media, the rest goes to few other systems, which are based on Armbian or from people who have absolutely no clue what's going on.
    Small crew works daily on Armbian and provide support, updates, fixes, ... Providing such service costs lots of resources, usually its premium and that's why we have a donate button. People who understand the value of our work, use it, others help with their time and others, that we all benefit.
    I could write a 10 page article on this, but I am not the right person to make such comparisons in first place ...  
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    earth08 reacted to Igor in Where to find latest (5.24?) version for Orange Pi+ 2e   
    We sometimes change for whatever reason which image will be provided for download and we can't build all possible combinations, since this is time consuming job. But we provide updates for all builds, even daily.
    You have few options:
    1. Check archive if you find older version and upgrade it 
    2. Build on your own
    3. Wait, since Xenial CLI and desktop will probably be build in next round.
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    earth08 reacted to RagnerBG in Remote Desktop Fun with Armbian   
    I am not sure i understand what you ask. If it's really - "Is it possible to view desktop view remotely, without having desktop installed on server", the answer is obviously - no, you can't view something you don't have installed. If you want to - "view desktop view remotely", you have to install desktop first, then follow the advises in this topic. I think it will be easier to use tasksel. It will add a lot of staff and packages, but if you have at least 16Gb sdcard it is no problem. So in console execute this:
    sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install tasksel sudo tasksel Then check "Xubuntu desktop" for XFCE, or "Lubuntu Desktop" for LXDE. After installation finish, reboot and install what is needed for remote view from topic.
    If you only need console access to your server, just use ssh. If you don't have ssh server (i am pretty sure armbian have it installed by default) just install it:
    sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install openssh-server
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    earth08 reacted to RagnerBG in h3disp: change display settings on H3 devices   
    As i own Samsung tv, i think your problem is not Armbian related, but you have to set up your tv properly. Go to your tv MENU and search for this option in Picture:

    if 16:9 zoom and cut the screen to you, as to me in most of HDMI devices.