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  1. @raffaele I hope that you can create the support of the LCD incombination with linux. Please inform us when we can help you with some tests or when you create a new linux driver...
  2. Do you have a detailed instruction how i can do this? I've the usb to usb cable and a serial consolecable but i dont no how i can savethis firmware to the nand. I want to use it because the sd card is not stable enough and give some bad errors
  3. Works great thanks! Is there also a solution to put the sdcard image to the nand? How can i do that?
  4. Is there a way to add the MXQ box to the armbian supported OS's with nand support? This is a similiar device as the S805 ODROID device and the difference is only that this device has also a nand storage on it.
  5. The program nand-sata-installer doesn't work to put the image on the onboard storage with all 4.X kernels (orange pi plus wifi/nand). When i use the older kernel it works fine without any issue. Also when i compile this image by myself it doesn't work either Is there a way to put the SD image to the local storage and how can i do this with this 4.x kernel?
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