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  1. Hi everyone, I still have the same problem. What I have done to fix it: - changed adapter - installed new version of armbian - checked running processes, but nothing weird came up What happens is that the pi suddenly stops, without any weirdness on cpu and memory level. The screen becomes black, but the lights are still active. Are there common problems with the Orange Pi Pc plus that I don't know of? I'm searching for a freelancer that can checkout the running controllers and can give advice
  2. Hi, I have some issues regarding the Orange Pi becoming non responsive and only accessible. When I look at the log, i just see an sudden stop of writing to the logfile. And this line: [mmc]: sdc2 set ios: clk 50000000Hz bm PP pm ON vdd 3.3V width 8 timing UHS-DDR50 dt B Is the mmc failing? I currently have 80 orange pi's installed. 20 of them have this issue. Is this an PSU problem? Some external persons said that they had an problem with installing two Orange Pi's on the same electricty net. But was not confirmed by me. I've added an logfile logfile.txt
  3. Hi folks! I'm a proud owner of 120 Orange Pis. Now I want to do git deployment and reboot the device. I've enabled the ttyS3 for serial connection. Now I want to reboot the device. Sadly enough the device shuts down when executing a reboot or "sudo init 6"command. And when I type shutdown, the device is still on. I've search all kinds of forums, but I cannot find a suitable fix for this. Thanks in advance!
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