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  1. - Edita el archivo armbianEnv.txt y cambia el UUID de tu SD por el de tu eMMC sino lo modificas es normal que no arranque solo con cambiar la carpeta boot -Edit the file armbianEnv.txt and change the UUID of your SD to that of your eMMC
  2. Uffffff!!! y copy full boot folder from SD, and change de uuid of root and work now, thanks
  3. armbianmonitor -u -> http://ix.io/1nxY blkid is in attached files, marked uuid is the emmc file /boot/armbienEnv.txt not found file /boot/boot.cmd: and file /boot/boot.scr: any idea? thanks
  4. I used apt-get upgrade yesterday and I have the same problem, I only use the emmc and I can access the emmc files from a system in the SD, could someone solve it? I tried to change the boot.scr by one of the sd that works but Nothing in what file is the boot disk from UBoot? I think that in this update does not find emmc in the boot since I see what happens to those who have emmc
  5. I have an opi + 2e, I have armbian (debian) and yesterday with an apt-get update, apt-get upgrade the system and today when I boot up I get the attached image and it does not start, any solution? I'm very noob thnks, internet and dhcp work fine
  6. hannibal1986

    sensor gpio

  7. hannibal1986

    sensor gpio

    parallel? in the same gpio pin? thanks
  8. hannibal1986

    sensor gpio

    I have the temperature sensor DS18B20 connected to port 20 of the gpio as w1, if I want to connect another sensor it is as easy as adding a w2 and its port in /boot/bin/orangepiplus2e.bin [w1_para] w1_used = 1 gpio = 20 [w2_para] w2_used = 1 gpio = 10 or [w1_para] w1_used = 1 gpio = 20 gpio = 10 So or something else? thanks
  9. hannibal1986

    OPI+2e Microphone

    Thanks, I'm obsessed with spies xD
  10. hannibal1986

    Orange Pi PC 1-Wire

    It works for me, how can I connect more sensors to different pins?
  11. hannibal1986

    OPI+2e Microphone

    How can I disable or lock my opi + 2e's microphone with a password to prevent anyone from hearing thnks
  12. hannibal1986

    update version

    What are the commands to upgrade armbian server Debian GNU / Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.112-sun8i, to the current version 3.4.113? Thank you
  13. hannibal1986

    Kodi on Allwinner H3 based boards

    No, sorry
  14. hannibal1986

    Kodi on Allwinner H3 based boards

    I need use kodi, apache2, phpmyadmin, ssh... In openelec not work all only armbian
  15. hannibal1986

    Kodi on Allwinner H3 based boards

    I need to work on armbian 5.20 kodi correct ? It shows only black screen. I have to change the kernel? some tutorial? My board is opi+2e