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  1. The installation tutorial works. The camera for orangepi still is not detected though. it is SCI and not USB. (I am not paying 20$ for each one of the 10 camera systems I already have.
  2. Looks like something changed and this is broken again I'll try and get it up and working this week
  3. sudo wget dpkg -i download/v2.1.0/rpi3-machinery-kerberosio-armhf-2.1.0.deb looks like it should be; sudo wget dpkg -i rpi3-machinery-kerberosio-armhf-2.1.0.deb we didnt change directories, please also use <> for code, as it will not shorten addresses. I also made it even easier to get those files that are required by kerbereros sudo wget sudo wget
  4. can you also show how to use this with the orangepi camera if possible?
  5. There have been several disjointed tutorials on making a raspberrypi or orangepi into a surveillance camera. So I threw this together to maybe help someone out there with any issues. I used the orangepipc+ but any orangepi board should work as long as it has the basics, internet connectivity, storage, and a camera. (I highly suggest heatsinks as well) any feedback or enhancements to this tutorial are greatly appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------------ ORANGEPI IPCAMERA ---------------------------------------------------
  6. You are correct. seems my 2A supply was dying, and outputting less amperage. changed it to a new one. The OPIPC+ I attempted to install to emmc fails to boot completely though.
  7. I was testing the orangepi PC+ armbian build 5.20 (Armbian_5.20_Orangepipcplus_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop) when messing with it it seemed to have random reboots. I thought initially it was because it was lacking a heatsink or fan. So I added both and the issue persisted. Thinking maybe if I flashed to emmc it might resolve the issue it froze in emmc install and is effectively softbricked from what I can tell sadly. I also tested a second OPIPC+ but was unable to get it to boot. I tested with multiple new power cables as well.