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  1. Well, first of all, I'm trying to get this working on just Armbian, second; I have tried ALL the recepies I could find on Google and none of them work so I'm pretty desperate....
  2. I'm running Armbian_20.09_Arm-64_focal_current_5.8.5_desktop on a Mini M8S, wifi works fine and connecte to internet. Now, I want to share the internet connection with a STB over wired internet. I have tried the simple method by setting the properties of eth0 to "shared with other..." but that does not work. The STB needs to get an ip-address so I guess I need a dhcp server as well. I have installed it and tried to configure it according to the method described here: https://linuxconfig.org/what-is-dhcp-and-how-to-configure-dhcp-server-in-linux but I get an error when I try to start it, and I can't figure out exactly what is wrong. Can someone help?
  3. No this box has emmc. However, I'v found that the safest (read "stay out of trouble") is to powercycle at every reboot anyway
  4. Does anyone have the original firmware for the Q96 Home 4k tv-box with RK3228 cpu? Or any other suitable firmware that I can flash in maskrom mode to unbrick the box?
  5. Ok, I'm not familiar with Github so can you please point me to where the discussion is?
  6. So where can I get the "compile" folder?
  7. Started a new topic about building problems on ARM platform, can you please help?
  8. @hexdump Trying to compile your uboot from github I get this error: arstein@MM8S:~/u-boot-mainline-rk3328-no-sd-boot$ patch -p1 < /compile/doc/u-boot-misc/misc.rk3328-no-sd-boot/rk3328-h96max-no-sd-boot.patch bash: /compile/doc/u-boot-misc/misc.rk3328-no-sd-boot/rk3328-h96max-no-sd-boot.patch: No such file or directory karstein@MM8S:~/u-boot-mainline-rk3328-no-sd-boot$ ls api cmd disk env Kbuild MAINTAINERS README arch common doc examples Kconfig Makefile scripts bl31.elf config.mk drivers fs lib net test board configs dts include Licenses post tools karstein@MM8S:~/u-boot-mainline-rk3328-no-sd-boot$ Am I missing some files or what?
  9. Been trying to build this SW on a Linux Mint laptop, when I get to "make PLAT=rk3328 DEBUG=1 bl31" the result is: CC bl31/bl31_context_mgmt.c gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-mstrict-align’; did you mean ‘-Wstrict-aliasing’? make: *** [Makefile:1070: build/rk3328/debug/bl31/bl31_context_mgmt.o] Error 1 Can somebody more experienced than me please give me a hint on what to do about it?
  10. Thanks, might need a bit modifying, I'll have to read me up on rk3328....
  11. Thanks, how can I determine what binary I should use for updating the loader? If I run Cpu-z on the original Android is says that the cpu is a 3028, what is correct?
  12. Yes I have the original Android image and can flash it with the factory tool. But I want to run Armbian and the problem is that the box does not boot from sdcard or usb with the factory bootloader. I'v tried to flash a new bootloader with the rkdeveloptool but the response is "this operation is not supported". If I flash Armbian in the box it does not boot. However, the factory tool is capable of flashing bootloader (I can see it does that while flashing Android), so if there is a way to replace the bootloader aection in the Android image I might be on dry ground.
  13. Yes it's a RK3328, ie 64bit, so not really related to this topic but I know nowhere else to ask...
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