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  1. Will Armbian run ok on this box?
  2. Well if you can use an external WiFi dongle then you DO support WiFi
  3. Is that an absolute all over? If so, I will urge you to reconsider......
  4. I'v always user the -vega-s95- dtb's for my Mini MX-III and Mini M8S and found them to work best.
  5. Probably the driver for your chip is not implemented in 5.3 yet, remember it is a Release Candidat...
  6. Which Armbian version are you running? If it is one with kernel 5.3-RCx tyr one with kernel 5.2
  7. I assume the WiFi will be supported eventually, but it the GPU supported? And how is the AM3 compared to the AM6 performancewise? Will the remote work with Linux Touch?
  8. Hard to say with only that message. Do you have the correct kernel headers installed? It may be that your kernel does not support that kind of driver, but I'm not that familiar with drivers to say for sure.
  9. Can you post the console output from trying to load the module?
  10. AFAIK these are universal images, just edit uEnv.ini to point to the correct DTB (or extlinux.ini).
  11. And where/how is that option enabled?
  12. @balbes150: Is the source on Github always up-to-date with the latest image you have released? And once downloaded, will the source automagically update itself each time it is compiled?
  13. FYI there is a bug (missing dependency) in Ubunto 19.x Disco with xfce4 which leads to an issue starting programs from the menu. It can be fixed with: sudo apt install libexo-1-0 and things work as expected again
  14. I don't know but you could try to download one of the images for Odroid C2 and see if there is a DTB, then try to use that DTB with Balbes image(s). BTW: Does the C2 have the same cpu type as the Amlogic TV-boxes?