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  1. There is no comments at all in extlinux.conf and only one FDT line, I edited the FDT line to use rk3328-box-liantong.dtb since it seems most appropiate for my box....
  2. Sorry for asking a noob question but how do I get may A5XMax box with Android 8.1 to boot from sd-card? It just starts android when I insert the card and power up...
  3. #¤%&"# my laptop keyboard has the nasty habit of eating letters, should be "Any other Linux..."
  4. I see, do you know of ny other Linux for that cpu?
  5. Perhaps stupid question but will those images run on a Rockchip RK3328 cpu? (provided I can find a usable dtb....)
  6. Does the 5.2-kernel images have support for mali decoding og video?
  7. I was just running "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" And the last message was "Compiling headers, please wait", and it never finished. On another box (Mini M8S) I installed the files one by one starting with the linux image and ending with headers if all worked well.
  8. Updating from Armbian 5.84 to 5.86, how lolg shoult it actually take? My Mini M8S has been "compiling headers" for 10 hours now.....
  9. I can't get neither 5.84 nor 5.86 images to work properly on my MXQ Pro+ 4k, the dtb that boots best is the gxbb...212 but the board number on this MXQ is actually 213 and there is no dtb with that number. Will it work to hack out the dtb from the Android that came with it?
  10. @balbes150, is there a built-in decoder in 5.84 that uses the Mali GPU?
  11. No dice :(. Strange thou for sound worked for all images with kernel 3.x.....