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  1. If you mean swap the two operating systems it is possible to write Android to a SD-card and run it from there. Weather you'll ba able to write Armbian to NAND is another matter, I haven't tried it but reports say it is possible. What kind of box do you have?
  2. I'v looked through my downloads and I don't have any 5.6.1, the closest is 5.6.0-rc6, I don't think I'v seen a 5.6.1 version.
  3. I can't get sound to work from the internal audio chip, it worked with the kernel 4 image mantioned before. It works now if I connect an external usb soundcard. Any ideas? And is the accelerated video incorporated in the newest Armbian?
  4. I see, well I guess I will be using the dongle then
  5. I won't be installing on emmc anytime soon, will the ssv6051p chip (wich I seem to have) be supported in newer kernel(s)?
  6. That explains things I have the old 4. kernel in emmc, remind me how I can find out what wifi chip the board has from Armbian?
  7. Just testing Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_current_5.6.19_desktop now, boots fine on my Q96 Home 4k box, ran rk322x-config. It does not see the internal wifi so I have to use a dongle (the Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop does see the internal wifi and it works fine). Haven't got around to testing sound yet.
  8. Does that also go for the Focal 5.6.19 image on page 1? The txet says 5.6.17 BTW...
  9. Thanks! Looking forward to that
  10. Seems my previous post about this vanished... Question is, is there a way to update a current installation om EMMC to the latest Armbian without reinstalling and losing all content?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I don't know what chipset is in the box for wifi/BT but it is not a big deal, I can live with an external dongle. The hexdump indicates thet the cpu is some kind of 3228 and not a genuine 3229 even thou the specks say it should be. I'll try configuring it as rk3228b/3229, still it runs surpringsly well. Another question, how duo I get MPV to run with the parameters you gave by default? (to get HW accelerated video that is)
  12. Bona sera! First of all thank you for all your excellent work! I have recently installed the Armbian desktop image on a "Q96 Home 4K" TV-box and it works fine, sound is fine and wifi works, only Bluethoot does not work without an external dongle. I'v installed the system on EMMC and that went without a hitch. A couple of questions: The specs for the box claims that it can run on 1500MHz but in armbian-config I'm only able to select 1.2 (I'v user generic 322x in the config). Also is there a driver for BT on its way?
  13. Sorry I haven't been following this forum for a while so quick question: Can these images run on RK3229 based tv-boxes? Or be recompiled for them?