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    Lion Wang reacted to JohnnyWednesday in Banana Pi R2   
    As you wish but you're kinda proving my point by doing so. You're biased for whatever reason - after reading a year of hostility from you I even wondered if you were being paid by a competitor - probably not but for somebody that has dismissed BPi? you sure spend an awful lot of time going out of your way to drag them through the mud.

    I don't believe any of the points you've raised can be seen as a logical reflection on new designs and developments - you've not had any experience with the Mediatek SoC in question - you don't own an R2 - it's impossible for you to dismiss this board on technical grounds at this stage - there's not a criticism I've ever seen you raise that couldn't be applied to companies, SoCs and boards you happily advocate.

    If you don't like them and don't wish to support them? that's your prerogative but your continued attack in light of your professed leanings comes across as petty.

    Did a Banana Pi steal your girlfriend?  

    When things are sufficiently developed and performance of the drivers is up to a production standard  - I hope that you and the team will consider reassessing at least the R2 - I'm perfectly happy to actually do the work if you don't want to touch it.

    But regardless of the respect I have for you and how much I like Armbian - if personal bias gets in the way of technical progress? then expect to be forked - it's the natural order of things.

    Take care
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    Lion Wang reacted to tkaiser in BananaPi board no disk temp in rpimonitor   
    Deleting the line or replacing it with 'dynamic.13.postprocess=' should produce same results since hddtemp outputs only integer values anyway.
    BTW: If anyone is using mainline kernel with A10/A13/A20 devices a look at our extended RPi-Monitor templates is worth a look: (for legacy kernel have a look above at @Tido's link)
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    For all I did there, I would say I can't represent the whole MediatTek, the contributions mostly comes from those passionates in MediaTek internally
    and the core member in LEDE/Openwrt.  Many people still don't recognize importance gained from open source I admit.  I don't blame them because
    everyone has different experiences for defining what success is for them although I still have a little complaining on them as @tkaiser did it for sinovoip
    why let me do the unnecessary and repetitive thing again wasting so much time and energy if they are done well in the initial.
    Instead, I would like to change their mindset as much as possible through upstreaming activity to help to link irrelevant groups among MediaTek internal,
    various communities, existing developers, potential users and so on to produce more chemical changes getting more attention on the importance of open source
    and prove commercial product still can be done well with combining appropriate open source project and finally allow us all together walking on the right path.
    Maybe there'll  a lot blames/questions/suggestions on coming bpi-r2, but I will be glad to listen to and reflect them into the MediaTek internal, and even
    welcome delivering patches to me making more robust to BSP
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    Lion Wang got a reaction from tkaiser in Banana Pi R2   
    Banana pi BPI-R2 source code open on github