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    t3l3m4k0 got a reaction from GrandPeter in where can I download the distribution OpMini?   
    you must edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt
    and append 
    reboot and all hardware works.
    I think it load for default device tree for babana
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    t3l3m4k0 reacted to garyang in Armbian for Amlogic S912   
    I've tried multiboot enableed with Universal multi-boot 0.6.
    But, It didn't work.(update app and Toothpick both)
    My box is T95Z Plus.
    I've also built buildroot for S912.
    PS : I've solved problem.
    First, enable kszaq's Libeelec with the Toothpick method.
    Second enable balbes150's Universal multi-boot.
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    t3l3m4k0 got a reaction from underr in no shutdown cubietruck with li-battery   
    On OrangePi mini I must to do as root:
    first convert bin to fex file:
    bin2fex /boot/bin/orangepi.bin /root/orangepi.fex
    edit with nano orangepi.fex
    and include on [target] section:
    power_start = 1
    after convert it to bin:
    fex2bin /root/orangepi.bin /boot/bin/orangepi.bin
    and reboot
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    t3l3m4k0 got a reaction from Igor in no mouse pointer ubuntu trusty   
    Solved, Bunyu at Orangepi forums sayed:
    "I have time to play some with my pi last week. You have to switch off the HWMouse and render it via software.
    Modify your xorg configration

    In the device section write:
    Option         "HWCursor" "false" Copy the Code