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  1. Android 8.1 for this device is unstable from my testing, though the prebuilt image is using the older 3.18 kernel. Perhaps a build with kernel 4.4 will be a bit more stable! Also, the LTE bands listed on this board are inaccurate, and are aimed squarely at the Chinese market. Support for common/required bands in the Americas and Europe is mostly missing.
  2. I think it might be worth it to have this board mainlined, the price point is significantly cheaper than any other SBC with LTE, of which there aren't terribly many. A 2nd revision with ethernet ports would be notably more useful for an integrated router application, which is my ideal use case. Here in the US, 2G GSM has been shut down by AT&T, with only T-Mobile still offering it (till 2020, then who knows), and 3G UMTS/HSPA+ is already shut down in many areas on T-Mobile to make way for LTE. Is it really a good idea to deploy things like the OrangePi 2G-IOT when the only network that supports their cellular chipset has only committed to 18 months more support? Even if you get till 2021 before 2G networks shutdown, an inexpensive SBC with LTE could probably run for many years more than older 2G and 3G boards.
  3. Problem is, sourcing decent LTE dongles is a challenge, and generally costs more than $50 per dongle. Plus, the dongles that are availble nearly all run an insecure version of Linux onboard, which is great when you want to create a malicious USB LTE dongle, but not so great when your just looking to have a backup internet connection. If this board just had mainline support for the USB ports and LTE modem, it'd be awesome to throw OpenWRT onboard and some USB to ethernet adapters, as it would make for a decent all in one LTE modem.
  4. Mainline works, I'm using it for a project myself (driving a large P2314T touchscreen), just don't expect to play GPU intensive video games on it. Its a $35 board that has eMMC, much better I/O and a decently designed SoC, short of the BeagleBoneBlack there really isn't a much better board to buy in this space with these features when it comes to full, libre support, especially if you are on a budget. If you want a minimal Debian build with kernel 4.10, I have one kicking around. HDMI is fully working! Alternatively, just wait a few days for the driver updates to land. These volunteers are working as fast as they can, can't blame 'em. By the way, a friend of mine is working on building Armbian as a service, whereby you can build Armbian images with the packages/scripts you want included from the getgo (for easy mass deployment/initial setup), it may be of use soon.
  5. Mmm, is this applicable to Mainline, or the legacy kernel 3.4? My interest is entirely in mainline, but from browsing @@lex's repos, some of them appear to contain kernel headers for 3.4.
  6. So, what do you think of the new Raspbery Pi Zero Wireless? How will other competitors respond? An OrangePi Zero with Bluetooth would trounce this board, or a Nanopi could do, just gotta hit at or below the same price point.
  7. Uhh, this video is just so many levels of bad. First he drones on about how heat is the limiting factor, then switches to the MicroSD card (and doesn't mention that you should benchmark all your mSD cards prior to use to make sure they meet the rating on the card, 1/3rd will fail usually), then talks about how he is maybe going to try an eMMC chip with a mSD card adapter. Just buy a board with eMMC! This is just so painfully stupid, if your gonna do liquid cooling at least use a proper self contained unit with a copper plate, or just a copper/aluminum heatsink with heat pipes would be better than what this person did. Also, that SoundPoint IP 670 on his desk, jeez, that is a classic boat anchor phone, at a certain point its just time to upgrade and get something modern.
  8. Yeah, that is what I'm using, but no go on building a bootable image. I'm also running into "invoke-rc.d policy-rc.d denied execution of stop." part way through the build which blocks the build from going further.
  9. Quick question, what uboot was used when building Jessie with kernel 4.9.4 for the NanoPi NEO? I've tried building Armbian Jessie with kernel 4.9.4 for the OrangePi+ 2e, but uboot isn't working in those builds. If I didn't need touchscreen support I wouldn't be asking, but kernel 3.4 doesn't support most touchscreens, including the ones I own.
  10. Things different from Debian: Messes with the bash prompt to show a silly warning on *every* new shell after a kernel upgrade Doesn't have a normal debian installer (debootstrap), leading to issues like incorrect handling of /etc/resolv.conf after copying to NAND, almost certainly other similar issues exist. MOTD changes and a few other things vs Debian stable keep throwing me off I'd like to reduce modifications to the system to just minor kernel patches required to add hardware support, as I find mainline Debian wheezy/jessie to have sane defaults and good ease of use.
  11. Hey, I'd like to build an image closer to mainline Debian (normal MOTD, wicd instead of network manager) with a few extra packages (nginx, mariadb, ...) and openbox for the DE targeted at an OrangePi Plus 2E, any suggestions or guidance on how to edit the build scripts to create something like this? Currently doing this all with Ansible after copying it to eMMC, but I figure it'd be a big time savings to prebuild an image with the right DE and software on a more powerful box.
  12. Use CJDNS? Are you using the University's internet cause its less censored or something?
  13. Why are you using Teamviewer on Linux at all? Its half-baked insecure RDP when used on Windows, not surprised its seriously broken when using it via x86 emulation. Use something reasonable like VNC, x11vnc can open a reverse VNC connection to your computer as needed from your terminal.
  14. Go add the things you want to see (PMIC, overheating, etc), that is why its a wiki and not a static, uneditable webpage. Community projects are what you make of them, go get involved!