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  1. Don't mind me asking. How do I attach a serial port to the SBC? I am only familiar with ethernet/usb based console ports on servers.
  2. I have an orange pi 2e running armbian, after using armbian-config to switch to the mainline kernel, my board wont boot ( no display output ) I tried running armbian with a new image on a SD card but the board wont turn on ( also no display ) any ideas?
  3. I have an orange pi 2e running armbian 5.31. I wanted to use it as a pihole for blocking advertisements however it seems that it only has a link local address but no IPV6 connection to the internet. pinging 2001:4860:4860::8888 will show destination unreachable: Beyond scope of source address. However I have another PI, windows desktop on the same network than can ping the same IPV6 address. Is there a way to force "enable" IPV6?
  4. I have an orange pi+ 2e that is being used for pihole. I want to set my pi to use 1 cpu core, disable usb ports and set Ethernet link speed at 100Mb/s etc to reduce consumption however not all the changes will apply at once (see picture attached) If cpu is running at one core and ram at reduced speed, ethernet link speed will still be at 1gbps and the other way round when Link speed is at 100Mbps.
  5. Thanks martinayotte. It worked, took about an hour to install.
  6. I have an Orange pi +2e running the desktop version of armbian. I want to install armbian to the built in emmc . Armbian is currently running on a SD card when I used the command "nand-sata-install" I got these options. which of those do i select to install Armbian from the SD card to the Built in emmc
  7. It seems I have to re enable the HDMI/GPU under h3consumption first before the enable desktop option appears edit. I tried doing the same on my other orange pi. Did not show the desktop option weird
  8. I remembered there used to be a display toggle however i cant find it anymore?
  9. I have downloaded and installed the desktop version of armbian on my Orange PI+ 2e and I have disabled the desktop and gpu with armbian-config as i only access the device through ssh. However I can't figure out how to re enable the gui of armbian so i can use vnc to access my server
  10. I have an orange pi plus 2e running 24/7 as a file server, torrent box, plex server, pi-hole etc. It has been running fine for the first few months I have gotten it. Recently the usb HDD that is connected to it started disconnecting often during heavy loads ( downloading torrents) or sometimes randomly. I assumed that it was the usb power adapter fault ( I used a samsung 5a 2v power adapter ) and I replaced it with an identical one. However the problem still persist. Could it be the usb to barrel plug cable that is sold from aliexpress be at fault?
  11. I have an Orangepiplus2e when I ran the command nand-sata-install after selecting boot from emmc system on sata or usb and selecting the destination/dev/sdb1 it shows the error of Partition too small. Needed: 3857 Mb Avaliable: 2700 Mb, How do I solve this?
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