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  1. thanks guys, i appreciate it
  2. trying to know what is the chipset used for wifi in M1+ but it is not mentioned in hardware specs at ! .... with its datasheet. thanks in advance
  3. erew already mentioned that you can Make a Backup of your emmc via Command line as well ! he mentioned 2 ways, 1 by GUI and 1 by CMI.
  4. @Igor If i purchased other boards that has a built in wifi as m1 plus, could we switch between wifi protocols as in windows ?
  5. Different trusted USB wifi modules are available at , but my concern is trying to choose between different wireless modes such as 802.11 b or 802.11 n for example and type of wireless connection as access point or ad-hoc. through iw command you might be able to switch between modes and types of wireless connection but it is also related to the usb WIFI module whether it allows such an operation or not ! already purchased a usb wifi module (but not of the trusted ones) and it did not allow me to choose between modes but was able to choose ad-hoc.
  6. all you have to do is remove wiringpi and follow these steps carefully from beginning. 1- Run command : git clone 2- Run command : nano /etc/sys_info and paste this content : sunxi_platform : Sun8iw7p1 sunxi_secure : normal sunxi_chipid : 2c21020e786746240000540000000000 sunxi_chiptype : 00000042 sunxi_batchno : 1 sunxi_board_id : 2(0) Note: 2(0) for nanopi_NEO air
  7. my code works just fine when executed during ssh session on NANOPI NEO CORE (booted from emmc) ! when trying to make this code run automatically on startup which is something that i have done before, unexpected delay happens after 5 seconds of continuous taking data from mic to be sent on serial port ! could not figure out what is really going on ! does it differ in terms of configuration of the nanopi when logged in through ssh !? or is there some configurations that must be handle on startup scripting !?
  8. My sd card is 32GB but what happened is i did this and now i could not copy again to sda ... should i clean it ? And how to clean it ? Format it or what ... is this just related to the sd card ?
  9. dd if=/dev/mmcblk1 of=/dev/sda bs=100M dd: error writing '/dev/sda': No space left on device this might be something related to the sd card i think after i did this dd if=/dev/mmcblk1p1 of=/dev/sda bs=100M but the issue is that i used another sd card and still gives the same thing. #dmesg [ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0 [ 0.000000] Linux version 4.19.62-sunxi ( (gcc version 7.4.1 20181213 [linaro-7.4-2019.02 revision 56ec6f6b99cc167ff0c2f8e1a2eed33b1edc85d4] (Linaro GCC 7.4-2019.02)) #5.92 SMP Wed Jul 31 22:07:23
  10. @martinayotte i tried to use this command but it is not recognized ! did you mean it this way ? dd if="/dev/mmcblk2" | dd of=backup_image.img bs=100M you might have miss located the double quotates ! and the image was still trying to save on the SBC itself and not on the linux pc where i tried to do this using the terminal after logging in using ssh root@ip ... i tried this command as well after putting the sd card through usb-card reader but it didnot work as well ... the sd card was not recognized again and it was booting from emmc again. i am trying
  11. @martinayotte thanks for your help i took an image of my emmc through this command : ssh root@<ip_board_to_be_backup> dd if=/dev/mmcblk2 | dd of=backup_image.img bs=100M then i transfered the image to my desktop using winscp. then i wrote this image to sd card using win32diskimager. tried to boot from this sd card to install to another emmc but the nanopi was not recognizing my sd card. it was not booting from sd card ! is there something missing ?
  12. this way could i save an image of the emmc on my pc ? if not then how could I? and if it was saved on my desktop then could i just simply write it to the nanopi !?
  13. TRYING TO CLONE EMMC FROM ONE NEO CORE INTO ANOTHER. I found this link below : I still don't know if it works since i had to enter FEL MODE which i could not. maybe i am trying in a wrong way. SO how could i get a clone EMMC of nanopi neo core (taking into consideration it might not have FEL mode)? but if it does then how to enter this mode? and how to run this clone on another nanopi neo core?