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  1. was onboard here from the start that was a couple of years ago was around pre apt repository even been happy with the support only had one hickup and that was the last couple of pushes the latest kernel works just fine but thats just it staying on the same kernel isnt good in the long run. i care less about write speed aslong as im getting sata support and about the same speeds as i get from the cubieboard 2 im good again my hat goes off to @Igor and the rest of the crew for the years of support. and ill certainly check out any board that has the qualities that im looking for.
  2. i know you guys cant support every board thats outthere and it has been a wonderful ride with my cubieboard, few hickups in general armbian was the only reason i didnt bin that board when i got it just a little bit sad so see it go from supported devices but still i get it. its time to move on for newer and better boards. and with that said do you guys and a good suggestion for a replacement board that has a sata connection etc and thats gonna have a good timeline for support by Armbian ?
  3. Booted, awesome work @Igor and the rest involved. You guys saved me from another boring work with no music
  4. @Igor bootloader: 5.37 kernel: 4.14.0 (think it is alteast forgot to put the version down but it is the lastest available in the repo)
  5. @Igor seems like its stuck on this, it is a vanilla config no added or modifed sys configs
  6. Didnt work with HDMI or without.. sorry for sounding dumb its hard to keep track of every OS but how do i get a proper debug log (ie verbose startup ?)
  7. @Igor Seems like the 5.37 update is a dud too. last known good one is 5.31
  8. is the update published yet or is it still on old figure i reinstall if its published so i can get my squeezebox back
  9. Mine failed too on latest update so it might be a good thing to roll back that package. Gonna reinstall when i got time.
  10. yay another shitty piracy board for Kodi im sure that the kodi devs will be happy about that ...
  11. So its just the boards that was "samples only" thats gonna be discontinued in this run, is that correct ?
  12. Still Raspberry Pi has a shitload of distores it doesnt need one more just because, the boards on this forum have little to no support beside the crappy vendor image that often comes with the board. so please drop the whole i want armbian for raspberry or FORK it and make it yourself. (if i was mod i would have locked this redundant thread down)
  13. dumb question perhaps but have you tried another sd card ?
  14. not sure if this is really the right forum for this its better to seek support from the developer of that branch besides as for your shitty pirate addons for kodi, they are really scetchy since one of em was recently caught with a bit of ddos code so enjoy https://torrentfreak.com/popular-kodi-addon-exodus-turned-users-into-a-ddos-botnet-170203/ also remember this when you decide to pirate on kodi that your litterly killing the platform for us regular users that doesnt pirate. https://kodi.tv/the-piracy-box-sellers-and-youtube-promoters-are-killing-kodi/ so i leave you with these words just because its free doesnt mean its safe
  15. So reinstall with a modern kernel aint that much too it and do it right this time around. Been using Armbian for the latter part of 2 years now and the stability on 4.x kernel is insane the uptime on my streaming server is awesome.. sooo just re-install dont make custom stuff without researching as you said you dont know that much about linux and there for dont use dumb guides without knowing what they do.
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