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  1. Hey username, good stuff. i've been meaning to check out affinity. i've heard a lot of good stuff. how do you like it?
  2. Just another quick idea. Again, these images are provided in the highest resolution asked for, but can easily be saved in all resolutions needed. All art was created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, all document files will be provided. Storage Light Storage Dark
  3. Man, you guys a producing some awesome desktops. @dvachon that's a super cool photo/desktop. I'll be adding it to my queue for sure. @Dre0x love it dude. poly penguins for the win. I whipped up another over the weekend. Wanted to post it and get your opinions. I thought it might be cool do something like this for each of the supported boards. I just used my odroid c-1 as a model. Let me know what you think, or if you have a board you would like me to illustrate. Note: As mentioned in my previous posts this are provided as the largest size requested. If you would like them scaled to specific resolution just ask. Odroid C1 Light Odroid C1 Dark
  4. Edit: Light versions added Whipped up a couple more this evening. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Really cool stuff everyone is making. I really like the logo/typography Miike. Good stuff. Anyway I can get the dark version with just a charcoal grey instead of the gradient? I'd like to use it for my wallpaper. Again these are at the highest resolution asked for. They can easily be scaled down if anyone is interested. H-Town H-town - Light CPU Magenta CPU Magenta - Light Micro SD Micro SD - Light
  5. Edit: I didn't realize the type had shifted when i centered everything. I'll fix and reupload this evening. Edit 2: Light version added Here is another one. Large typography Large typography - light
  6. Edit: Light version added Hey guys, Great work you're doing with armbian. Just created an account to post a couple of ideas I came up with. I've only got the largest resolution right now, but if you like any of them I can easily save out others. Linen - Dark Linen - Light Vertical blur Vertical blur - Light
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