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  1. I just plug the boxes into a switchable outlet ...
  2. @rob0809, what are you trying to say about the NIC speed? At GearBest, it is advertised as Gigabit. Are you saying that this is fake? Sorry, since I am not a native speaker, you lost me with the term "do a bait and switch on the advertised NIC speed" ...
  3. Wow, nice to see that this topic is getting some attention. Also, I would say that it does make sense to look for the Gigabit LAN, which the box you suggest, @Tido, unfortunately does not have. From the boxes I have looked at I get the feeling that this is what makes quite a difference in price (the reason is not clear to me). I do concur about the shop. Aliexpress, Geekbuying or GearBest offer a lot of these boxes at reasonable prices and from my experience (I have ordered from all three) are reliable. And, for what it's worth, I also vote for the RK3328!
  4. Hi guys, Armbian 5.44 with the 3.14.29 kernel is running quite well on my MeCool M8S Pro W box. In fact, there is just one issue, which is a bit annoying: the MAC address is "somewhat" random, meaning taht apparently after leaving it turned off for a while, the MAC address changes slightly (and in any case, it is very different from the one the box normally has (LibreELEC, Android Custom ROM, printed on the label ...)). As I mentioned a little further up, my device tree is taken from a CoreELEC SD card, which should be the same as the one to be found here for the 2GB version. According to this post, the dtb could be the problem, but that is the one I have. Therefore, I tried both of the following in /etc/network/interfaces: pre-up macchanger -m 00:ac:3f:75:c0:ff eth0 iface eth0 hwaddress ether 00:ac:3f:75:c0:ff But to no avail - it remains at 00:ac:2f:78:c0:ff and will probably become something else when I let the box rest for a few days. Any ideas how to overcome this issue? Thanks in advance and Cheers, chessplayer
  5. @balbes150, thanks for pointing that out. Since I am not familiar with these processes, are there any instructions on how to do something like that?
  6. Hi @balbes150, thanks for all your work on these boxes. In order to try things out, I just built the latest kernel (4.18-rc5) using a VM with Ubuntu 16.04 as per your instructions. However, I am particularly interested in getting it to work on a 905W machine. I tried with the pre-built 4.16 kernel version by using the p212 dtb, but that did not work. Using the old 3.14.29 kernel, I was able to use a p281 dtb I found on CoreELEC and that works. What is the best way to transfer that dtb over to the new kernel? Unfortunately, the DEB package containing the dtbs only contains the ones already available for the pre-built kernel as well. Cheers, chessplayer
  7. Thanks for your reply. I will give that some thought. Since I already own a few Amlogic boxes, I will try using those first (with TVH (already working), oscam (expecting no problems) and emby (that is going to be the hard one, I guess)). But all of these AML boxes only have 2 USB 2.0 connectors (why, heaven only knows), while the one I linked above has 3 USB 2.0 and even a USB 3.0 connector (of course, an active USB hub should take care of that "problem"). Also, I was under the impression that Rockchip was much more amenable to OS development than AML, so I am a bit flustered as to why a lot of images exist for AML boxes but not so many for Rockchip. But that is just a user's (not very well informed, I fear) perspective, not a developer's ...
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering whether the image for, e.g., the Rock64 can be expected to work also on a TV-Box with RK3328 chipset, for example this one? Cheers, chessplayer
  9. Thanks for the pointer, but Kodi-wise I am absolutely fine with LibreELEC / CoreELEC. I actually want to use at least one of the boxes as a server, since it seems that the cubietruck is not quite up to the task. I did try OSMC for the Pi quite a while back and liked that also, but, as I said, I always preferred the xELECs for the clients (even with the TVH server in the end, actually).
  10. Ok, I will give that some thought, but that is for another day. Will first try to get going with the 3.14 kernel. Cheers, chessplayer
  11. Thanks for your always quick replies, but unfortunately, that was not the case, I already tried. Meanwhile, I have flashed Armbian 5.44 with the 3.14 kernel and used a device tree available from CoreELEC (gxl_p281_2g.dtb - see the attachment) with that - and it booted! I would rather use the 4.16 kernel, but I will try this now anyway and see what goes. Again, great work you are doing here, thanks! On the other hand, if there is someone who converts dtbs from one kernel version to another, that would be great ... Cheers, chessplayer gxl_p281_2g.dtb
  12. Ok, next question after Armbian is doing just fine on my Nexbox A95, I am now trying to run Armbian 5.44 on my Mecool M8S Pro W and, as the name suggests, this is an S905W box (of type 2+16). As expected, the dtb for the Nexbox did not work, so I tried some others as well. However, based on what was written in this post on the (mostly German) kodinerds forum, what I would need is a dtb with p281 in the name (in the post, the 1 and 8 seem to be transposed). None of those seem to be available, however, in the dtb folders that come with Armbian. Does anyone know where I could find those? Cheers, chessplayer
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