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  1. That's right. I have a problem with receiving EDID data through I2C5.
  2. Hi @jock! Thanks for the new image. It loads stably without any errors. True, an error appears during shutdown, dmesg output attached.
  3. @jock, I noticed that the HDMI monitor does not turn on at the start of Uboot and there is no mention of the DRM driver. The Uboot 2020.04 version in this firmware.
  4. Great, @Jock. Can I get a link to your Uboot image with the DRM driver?
  5. jock, it seems DRM Uboot driver appeared: I'm testing tinkerboard android 8.1 firmware, the hdmi screen turns on at the loading stage of Uboot. I use the miniarm device tree. Also, look at the following nodes in the device tree (found from miniarm dtb for android): From dmesg:
  6. Jock, lol, can you give a link to your Ubuntu Focal and kernel 5.5.17?
  7. jock, do you have the opportunity to publish the latest images with Armbian from your repository?
  8. jock, very thanks for Ubuntu 18.04 with LTS 5.1.7 kernel! Great work! How are things going with video and audio playback?
  9. Maybe Sorm means the link above? Then it's no secret
  10. Fine news! You are well done! Thanks! There will be time, I will tested.
  11. No OpenGL/EGL/GLES X11 drivers available at this time for S912 SoC. Hardware rendering via GLES fbdev, as well hardware decoding video and audio is used in the player c2play. Look at this message.
  12. At the moment, unfortunately, I'm not ready to do it yet. But it is possible to assemble the missing packages in the form of archives.
  13. Hello everybody! I assembled a video player c2play, created by crashoverride, with the possibility of hardware decoding and rendering for a boxes on the S912 SOC. To achieve this, was used EGL and GLES libraries from Android, libhybris, libamcodec and ffmpeg with the support of the above library, as well kernel package with Mali driver for T820 GPU. All this was integrated into the firmware of Ubuntu Armbian 16.04 Mate Desktop, building by balbes150. You can download this firmware from here. c2play perfectly playing, both local and network video H.264 and H.265 10-bit, checked up to 4K. Declared support of MP4, MKV and AVI containers. A small help to managing the c2play from the keyboard: ESC - to finish playing, LEFT - 30 sec. back, RIGHT - 30 sec. forward, DOWN - 10 min ahead, UP - 10 min. back. SPACE - pause. To play video, open the terminal window or go to the virtual console (Ctrl-Alt-F1). enter the command: c2play <path to your video>. Or, assign c2play as the default application for the desired file type. More details here or here. In the folder /opt are deb-packages with libhybris and kernel 3.14.29 with the driver Mali. For those who want to build c2play itself, I bring links to resources on the github. Libhybris: Libamcodec: FFMPEG: c2play: