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  1. Based on, I have performed the following steps: dpkg -l | grep linux-image which returned hi linux-image-sun7i 5.27 armhf Linux kernel, version 3.4.113-sun7i followed by: echo linux-image-sun7i hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections After I continued with upgrading as described in my initial post, the login screen still asked me to restart because the kernel was updated. But this time AppleTalk still worked after restarting.
  2. Hello! In order to compile software on my Banana Pi running Armbian 5.27 Debian 8, I started off uncommenting the "# deb-src" lines in /etc/apt/sources.list and then ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade. The start screen in the shell would then ask me to reboot as the kernel was updated. But after the reboot there was no AppleTalk anymore to serve my old devices. Compiling a newer Armbian with an up-to-date version of Debian is of no use to me as I run software (A2SERVER) that is incompatible with newer systems. So how can I upgrade my system without loosing AppleTalk
  3. As I didn't know how to fix this problem, I shared the printer as raw printer since two years ago when I set up this system. But now I want to have the Banana Pi share it via AirPrint in order to print from my iPhone. This only works if the PPD is handled by the CUPS server rather than sharing it raw and assigning the PPD at the client side. It turned out to be a bug. The fix can be found here: . Adding "Option pdftops-renderer pdftops" to /etc/cups/printers.conf produces a PostScript file compatible with a PostScrip
  4. Thanks! Things have been sorted out mainly by others. My main contribution was the time it took to gather the required bits of information. Would indeed be great if someone could make the on-board ethernet ports of these devices work for AppleTalk. In my case the adapter would fit perfectly into the housing, as I used the one from my broken Synology NAS. See pics here:
  5. I've written a detailed guide on how to set up a Banana Pi with AppleTalk: It also contains a link to an updated version of the PAP backend.
  6. Last time I wrote something here I was still working with VM's and testing software components I needed for my system. I have then bought the hardware, compiled Armbian with AppleTalk, and am now finishing the software configuration which made me trying your PAP backend again. In post 31 I pasted the command-line containing the command with the output underneath. I did not paste the new command-line appearing afterwards, but should have actually done that: … LaserWriter 4/600 PSuser1@a2server:~$ After appending '>> test' to the command in order to save the output to a file, this
  7. I figured I have to put the DeviceURI like this: LaserWriter%3aLaserWriter%204%2f600%20PS%40A2SERVER. Just 'LaserWriter%204%2f600%20PS' would probably have been enough though. For now I installed it as RAW printer, so the URI is not relevant for PPD recognition. Actually, the printer appears in any zone. If I add '*' as zone to netatalk, I see the printer in the network twice – once for every zone. So 'A2SERVER' is actually fine. My bad. For me the backend mentioned earlier in this thread didn't work either. But I found another one with some description here that doe
  8. I did now. But doesn't work. That URI is what entering '/usr/lib/cups/backend/pap' returned. But A2SERVER is the machine I am trying to configure as server, NOT the AppleTalk zone. I'm using the standard zone, so it should be pap://*/LaserWriter%204%2f600%20PS/LaserWriter – but that doesn't work either. I'm sure the printer is in the standard zone. 'Cause that's where I can reach it from an old Mac speaking AppleTalk/PAP. If I understand correctly, the URI that '/usr/lib/cups/backend/pap' returnes is wrong. But why? Do you have any idea?
  9. That's okay. I'm happy to try things. By myself I just wouldn't know where to look. I have now set FullDeviceDiscovery=FALSE. The PPD from wouldn't word for automatic detection. It contains 'LaserWriter 4/600‘ as printer model. 'PS' is missing. It is a PostScript Level 2 printer, so foomatic won't be needed anyway. I have copied the PPD from OS X over to /etc/cups/ppd/. Either RAW or assigning a PPD file would be fine. But when I go to 'Administration' -> 'Add Printer' in CUPS' web interface, I get "Unable to add printer: Forbidden". So following the guide at htt
  10. You mean the script at /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap? It's the one I've downloaded from your website: (You had referred to your site in post #8 a few months ago.) With a few amendments as discussed in this thread since post #25. I've now changed it to '#!/bin/bash'. The 'OffendingCommand' is gone: $ /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap network pap "Unknown" "AppleTalk Devices via pap" %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: busy; source: LocalTalk ]%%
  11. The line now reads: DeviceLookup=`echo -e "%%?BeginFeatureQuery: *Product\nstatusdict begin\nproduct print\nend\n%%?EndFeatureQuery: Unknown\n%%EOF" | ${TimeoutDir}/timeout -s HUP 15 ${NetatalkBinDir}/pap -p "$1:$2@$3" | sed 's|^\"(||;s|)\"$||;'` Is the following output as it is supposed to be? $ /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap network pap "Unknown" "AppleTalk Devices via pap" %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: idle ]%% %%[ status: busy; source: LocalTalk ]%% %%[ status: busy; source: LocalTalk ]%% %%[ status: busy; source: LocalTalk ]
  12. Under the line "NetatalkBinDir=/usr/local/bin" I have added "TimeoutDir=/usr/bin" and changed "${NetatalkBinDir}/timeout'" to "${TimeoutDir}/timeout'" in the appropriate line. Now it says: $ /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap network pap "Unknown" "AppleTalk Devices via pap" /usr/bin/timeout: failed to run command `--': No such file or directory -e network pap://A2SERVER/LaserWriter%204%2f600%20PS/LaserWriter "Unknown" "LaserWriter 4/600 PS@A2SERVER (pap)" "/bin/bash -x /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap" returns: $ /bin/bash -x /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap + devicetypes=LaserWriter + formfeed=FALSE + Neta
  13. I have the same printer (LW 4/600 PS) and am trying the same thing. Except I have never done something like this before and barely know what I'm doing. At first I got an error running your command after installing your pap backend. After amending 'pap' to reflect my netatalk installation path (NetatalkBinDir=/usr/local/bin) the error disappeared. Your backend says: $ sudo /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap network pap "Unknown" "AppleTalk Devices via pap" /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap: 1: /usr/lib/cups/backend/pap: /usr/local/bin/timeout: not found -e network pap://A2SERVER/LaserWriter%204%2f600%