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  1. A fix would be nice, but not my main goal. How to stop a process flooding my dmesg output is my main goal.
  2. I cannot use my dmesg in a normal way anymore. It is flooded by these messages: [ 2828.613264] sunxi_i2c_do_xfer()985 - [i2c0] incomplete xfer (status: 0x48, dev addr: 0x48) [ 2828.613724] sunxi_i2c_do_xfer()985 - [i2c0] incomplete xfer (status: 0x20, dev addr: 0x48) [ 2828.613906] sunxi_i2c_do_xfer()985 - [i2c0] incomplete xfer (status: 0x48, dev addr: 0x48) [ 2828.614101] sunxi_i2c_do_xfer()985 - [i2c0] incomplete xfer (status: 0x48, dev addr: 0x48) [ 2828.614485] sunxi_i2c_do_xfer()985 - [i2c0] incomplete xfer (status: 0x20, dev addr: 0x48) [ 2828.614660] sunxi_i2c_do_
  3. Sorry. No idea what I was doing. I know this doesn’t sound very intelligent. Will check if my “MacIPpi thing” caused more swapping.
  4. So again no AppleTalk support out of the box in 4.13. That is a disappointment.
  5. Really shocking that nobody at these companies seems to bother to read this forum and learn from mistakes from the past. If your board is still equipped with USB power this is really unbelievable after all we now know about the problems it will cause. I sometimes think that we should make a design for a board outselved and let it be build instead of waiting until somebody wakes up and out of the blue will do the "good thing".
  6. OK to round it up........ ( trying to wave with a white flag and wearing a blue helmet.....) What I would do with a Zero is. Forget about the driver/wifi/wlan0. What do you expect for $6.99? Run to the nearest Action Supermarket ( or US equivalent) and buy a cheap usb WIFI dongle. I bought one for 3 euro's. Works fine. This one: http://domoticx.com/usb-stick-wifi-ralink-technology-rt5370-adapter/ [ 4.208943] usb 3-1: new high-speed USB device number 2 using ehci-platform [ 4.418224] usb 3-1: New USB device found, idVendor=148f, idProduct=5370
  7. Never had any problems with 4GB! Must work.
  8. Thanks for your contributions to this post! I think we agree about one thing. There are different users with different needs and different ways of using Armbian. How do we mix that!?!? Again….that’s why I would like separate environments. I feel when using Fedora Linux that I'm part of a Development environment. I feel when I use Red Hat that I'm part of a Stable tested environment. But it is just a way I would like it. Armbian for the average users and Arm....??? for developers and power users. I agree if we now succeed in directing the 'WinPiA' users more cl
  9. That is exactly the point. People don't see the difference. My proposal is to rename the development branch in a new name. Like Fedora is the development branch of Red Hat.
  10. The past few weeks I did see a lot of anger and frustration on this forum. Key contributors of the forum (.. Armbian developers) seem to struggle with the level of their audience. People ask for functionality which is not around because of bad hardware, people aspect certain things from Armbian which are not possible, people expect “out of the box” solutions, no feedback from users, etc., etc. I personally think this is getting more and more a problem. The risk is that key Armbian developers get frustrated and not motivated to continue their absolute fantastic contribution to the dev
  11. Still don't know what Sergio is asking. Could it be that he would like to run Docker on his bpi (Banana Pi)? Should be because it is not building Armbian with the use of a docker image. So lets give it a try and answer that question. You need a decent image to start with. Should be one with the mainline kernel. So download it form the download page: https://www.armbian.com/banana-pi/ Or build it yourself. And yes, you could use docker for the Armbian build enviroment. Then install docker: curl -sSL get.docker.com | sh
  12. Ok. Roundup: nothing's wrong with your Orange Pi but with your switch.
  13. Ok. So I answered a not asked question. Well it was a nice roundup for myself to. Maybe you could point out what your question is? - Do you want to use Docker on an Arm based board? - Do you want something else? I think you can find information on this forum about Arm and Docker. See this post: https://forum.armbian.com/index.php?/topic/1328-docker-on-h3-armbian/
  14. In the Armbian build environment there is a Dockerfile. It is in the lib directory. This can be used to build your Armbian docker container. FROM ubuntu:16.04 RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install -y git build-essential binutils WORKDIR /root RUN git clone https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/ RUN cp lib/compile.sh . Start it with ( don’t forget the point ) docker build -t armbian_dev . It will create a image named armbian_dev. The name can be of your choise. you can see this image with this command: docker images Run a container with