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    whoman got a reaction from saundraua3 in S905x H/W Video Accel for Gstreamer?   
    Hello All,
    how can I get hardware video acceleration for S905x on Debian/Armbian using Gstreamer?
    I installed gstreamer, and using 'decodebin' and 'fbdevsink' gives terrible performance (software decoding).
    I did some searching and found that amlogic has two GST plugins for hardware accelerated video decoding: "amlvdec" and "amlvsink"
    I was able to locate the source code here:
    I downloaded the newest archive "arm-buildroot-2016-08-18-5aaca1b35f.tar.gz"
    Would this work with debian/Armbian?
    When I try to compile the plugin, I get the message:
    so I searched online, and found:
    I tried to compile this however I got the error:
    Does anyone know how I can get Gstreamer to play videos with hardware acceleration?
    Thanks so much!
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    whoman got a reaction from Jens Bauer in Trying to recompile the Kernel for MINI M8S...   
    Hi dxs1,
    Unfortunately my kernel will do nothing different for audio output.
    the modules I have compiled are only for "midi sequencer" communication.  They have nothing to do with audio output.
    Also, I could be mistaken but I'm pretty sure the amlogic drivers for sound output are already in the original kernel configuration, so that is likely not the cause of your issue.
    I'm personally using this strictly for video/image output, so I have no experience with audio output on the S905X.
    I would suggest creating a new thread, so that more people will see your thread title and can help with your problem.
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    whoman got a reaction from balbes150 in S905x H/W Video Accel for Gstreamer?   
    So I manually copied the three *.so files to /usr/lib and then ran "ldconfig", and everything finished compiling.  I will report back once I have tried installing/testing the plugins