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    dgm78 got a reaction from Werner in [Solved] Xorg not start anymore after poweroff-reboot - trying ininterruptly   
    Can't access others terminals, need to boot from sd and mount eMMC to see the logs.
    The problem was missing/corrupted libwayland_egl.so, so lightdm was aborting (missing something like  wl_window_destroy), copied the working library from sd and now OK again.
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    dgm78 reacted to jeanrhum in What is the most powerful TV Box (or SBC) to run Armbian?   
    Currently amlogic s922x or A311D are the most powerful socs (4xA73). The first one can be found some tvbox like beelink gt king or ugoos am6 and the second one in khadas vim3.
    I think that most rk3399 boards have better supported than amlogic ones.
    For your second question, it mainly depend on your use case.
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    dgm78 got a reaction from TRS-80 in [workaround] [S905X3] Retaining Android yet booting Armbian from SD card   
    Hi! Installed Armbian into emmc, much more fast: 163Mb/s vs 22Mb/s. Thanks for all.
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