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  1. bozden's post in Dev environment for multiple images - Am I assuming correctly? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for the tip. I currently solved this without cheating:
    1) I use a shared folder on VirtualBox
    2) On the main bash I'm running, after the compilation is done I create MyApp folder, and move from the output/images folder renaming 3 files generated.
    Simple solution for my dumb question :/
  2. bozden's post in Is there any way to test custom built images without burning sdcard? was marked as the answer   
    For anybody reading this: Most of the debugging for your setup routines can be done just by looking inside generated image file.
    Of course I have to burn the sd-card and run on actual device at the end...
  3. bozden's post in [SOLVED] Correct way of adding files to image was marked as the answer   
    Thank you Werner, that helps.
    I had a misconception with the namin. "Userpatch" mixed with kernel pathing, "overlay" with overlayfs.
    After examining the code I found correct keywords for search and found this:
    I also recognized from the code that only customize-image.sh is copied to destination and my other files (which I call from it) do not.
    Now the post you shared comes into play...
    Thank you again.
  4. bozden's post in [SOLVED] UrBackup client for Armbian? was marked as the answer   
    OK, this was a "memory not enough" problem. Actually I did not need to compile...
    Please refer to: https://forums.urbackup.org/t/trying-to-compile-the-client-for-armhf-make-errors-out/9400/4
    Now I can have /etc and /var/log backups of my Armbian devices to my central server...
    FYI: Next version will support full Linux client image backup. Now I just use "tar" and backup file through UrBackup.
  5. bozden's post in Need directions with accelerated video was marked as the answer   
    Why don't you say I have to look at the "archives" for focal desktop  
  6. bozden's post in Need help with building a gateway (OPi PC 2, Armbian, PiHole etc) was marked as the answer   
    I feel so dumb !
    After many hours of tcpdump'ing and log tailing I found my mistake... Just to record this unfortunate event:
    I first installed pihole DHCP for the exterior network ( then moved to home-network ( side.
    On the web interface there is a "Router (gateway) IP address" and my router is in at - I left it as it is  That should be on the same subnet of course  Changed it  and it worked...
    Sorry for your time 
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