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  1. I have updated the patchfile and github repository with a fix for crash after resume.
  2. Github repository and patchfile updated. Small change: wait for free cec line before sending messages and fix for wrong array sizes.
  3. I found the settings for CEC, if i turn the option "send TV to standby with kodi" to off, the TV will switch back to satellite. It seems it depends on the TV what will work and what not. And i found a situation when the OPi will not come out of suspend. If OPi is in suspend and i turn TV off, OPi can only be reseted with unpluging powersupply. At least something i can debug the next days. Btw i have a problem with setting ip address to manual, only off and dhcp will work. Where i can find the settings, so i can change it over ssh?
  4. I had a buffer overflow in the last patch, maybe that is causing the CEC diagnostic to crash the OPi. I will release a new patch later, i will do some testing first. When i poweroff openelec, the TV is not suspended or switched to other input, just signal will go off. Are there settings to change this behaviour? I had it once that i could not get the OPiPC out off suspend with the power button, but after that i tested it at least 20 times without problems. I will try to implement that the OPi can be waked up from the TV over CEC, but that will take some time to programm and test it. With the screensaver i have no clue what settings i should try to test the issues the testers had.
  5. I updated the patch file and github. Now the driver should better handle hdmi reconnects and power on from TV.
  6. That should work, a restart of cec-client was enough to communicate again. But i'm working on solution two, i wanted the plug and unplug events too for the cec driver.
  7. You have posted it . In Orange Pi forum first hdmi_write in your code box. I have found the cause of the problem with turning TV off and on. On reconnect init_hdmi is called and it overwrites two registers needed for my driver. I'm not sure how to fix it. Change the hdmi_init so that it wouldn't overwrite the registers or let the driver somehow know that it has to reset the registers.
  8. I can reproduce this error, i will investigate it. But i think that something in HDMI driver overwrites registers when reconnecting.
  9. Thanks for your feedback. 1. hopfully fixed. 2. fixed. 3. No, it's not a typo, more a workaround. The bug introduced with this commit was never fixed.
  10. No it's a new one , but i will rewrite the one for sun4/7i to be compatible with this libcec changes and hopefully better timing. Now i can test it better with 2 different devices. With this driver i tried to use the cec hardware but either there is something wrong with how Allwinner integrated it in H3, how it is wired on my Orange Pi PC or there is still some secret register setting. I could only get the hardware to either send or receive. But for receiving messages they have to be ACKed so i came up with some sort of bit banging. If it is receiving, i count the received bits and when it comes to the ack bit, i switch from receiving to sending for 1 bit.
  11. Hi, i'm working on a hdmi cec driver for H3 and i'm looking for some feedback how the driver works. I have tested the driver with OrangePi PC and a Samsung TV. I have pushed my driver to github : or here is a patch file that can be placed in userpatches for armbian toolchain. The driver can be loaded with modprobe hdmi_cec . I have modified libcec to work with this driver : or again a patch file for libcec.
  12. Have you compiled ffmpg or is it from a package, when from a package maybe it's compiled without vdpau support. And you need access rights to /dev/disp /dev/cedar_dev /dev/g2d.