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    dieselnutjob got a reaction from SteeMan in dts2tsv   
    Suppose that you have a bunch of dtb/dts files that are known good (like from Linux kernel source).
    Suppose that you have a dtb file that you ripped out of some new device and probably no source code.
    This tool will allow to dump all of the parameters (nodes) out of the dtb file and compare it with all of the other ones that you have in a spreadsheet so that you can visualise the differences.
    See https://github.com/dieselnutjob/dts2tsv
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    dieselnutjob got a reaction from jeanrhum in How to build for an unsupported board (Pine64 Quartz64)?   
    thanks to mara on the pine64 forum I can now compile u-boot for the Quartz64 from source, tested it and it works.
    The code is here https://github.com/dieselnutjob/u-boot.git
    Instructions are here https://github.com/dieselnutjob/u-boot/blob/quartz64-a/README
    I also have the source code for his kernel for the board.
    I have put that here https://github.com/dieselnutjob/kernel-rk3566.git but I haven't figured out how to compile it yet.
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    dieselnutjob got a reaction from TRS-80 in How to build for an unsupported board (Pine64 Quartz64)?   
    Firstly, is anyone working on building Armbian for the Quartz64?
    If no one else is I would love to give it a try.
    What I already have:-
    A Quartz64 running slarm64 (or the default manjaro)
    Kernel source for above and a dtb file.
    A build environment that seems to work (I just built an image for Rock 3a on it).
    Can anyone give me some ideas on how I clone an existing device in the build environment and start modifying it so that it can build something new?
    I notice that the legacy kernel that it produced for the Rock 3a is version 4.19.193 which looks good for the Quartz64 as well.  The advantage of this older kernel as used on slarm64 is that the HDMI output works,
    Any help for a newbie at this would be appreciated.