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    mpmc got a reaction from TonyMac32 in Changing Default kernel, Testing needed   
    I've just installed your debs on stretch, ran into a minor hiccup, but otherwise it seems to run fine - log
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    mpmc got a reaction from Igor in [Solved] Asus Tinkerboard, I need to upgrade PSU?   
    Just thought I'd pop in to say my tinkerboard has been powering a C.H.I.P and an FM transmitter (500a) for 20 days+ now without much issue. I'm just about to reflash it with Debian :).
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    mpmc reacted to TonyMac32 in Asus Tinkerboard   
    Basic status update here (31 followers of thread) 
    All mainline kernels support wireless All kernels reboot properly Mainline kernel HDMI hotplug now supported  
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    mpmc got a reaction from gnasch in [Solved] Asus Tinkerboard, I need to upgrade PSU?   
    I'm happy to report that my tinkerboard and northpada power supply - are still alive and in one piece (including the cables/connectors, yes I checked) - after being continually under load for almost three days. The board (under a GPIO connected fan) and psu got warm, but not hot to touch at any point, the microusb connection on the board, never once got warm.
    @tkaiser is right - even if the manner he goes about it is less than tactful - the board should be powered by GPIO. But in my case, headless usage with only a few devices connected, I don't foresee any issues. So if you plan on powering by the microusb connector (which isn't recommended  ) it should be okay with a decent PSU, well in my case it is, but YMMV.