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    You don't need a new guide. Motion 4.1.1 isn't available on Armbian, Mr Dave's build is only for Raspbian.
    On Armbian (i.e. Orange Pi Zero) download new Stretch build 5.38 next, mainline 4.14.14. Do not use Ubuntu.
    Follow original installation guideline:
    (For Debian Stretch)
    BEFORE point 4 install pip dependencies:
    sudo pip install wheel
    sudo pip install setuptools
    sudo apt-get install zlibc zlib-gst zlib1g-dev
    Continue to point 4...
    ... at the end of installation point to [yourip]:8765 and configure it.
    et voilà! :-)
    Now Motioneye 0.38 run on motion 4.01.
    New motion version is usefull for new cam h264/rtsp based.

    With little OPZ performance is quite respectable:
    15fps (streaming) / 10 fps (analisys and capture) with a HD stream 1280x720px, H264 900 kbit/s
    12fps (streaming) / 7 fps (analisys and capture) with a HD stream 1280x720px, mjpeg 2,5 mbit/s
    Load:  1.94  1.24  0.53
    Temp: 70 °C
    (without hardware acceleration...)
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