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  1. In current thread that means "Armbian was not available for Helios64 hardware for a time. But then it fixed, and anyone can make sdcard with fresh armbian system for Helios64 device". u-boot — software, use by armbian on first seconds after device powered on.
  2. Then, thanks to Prahal, bootable images for Helios64 can be build again.
  3. I think moving to media group will be too much for NAS device.
  4. I will run build and boot result image on Helios64 hardware in case somebody fix error.
  5. serial console works as usual. grub menu selectable, in edit mode text can be edited. with 6.0.1 system cooler runs on full speed, armbian-config not provide processor frequences to choose min and max.
  6. debian version — console jammy.0.txt diagnostic http://ix.io/4cXz all the same.
  7. I run headless, with serial console. jammy.0.txt `reboot` does reboot, `poweroff` not power off after shutdown. boot takes a lot of time, you can see by timestamps. `armbian-config` allows me to set scheduler to schedutil and set min and max frequences. System cooler was off until I setup 7zip and run benchmark `7zz b`. then system cooler turns on until test was completed, then turns off. system diagnostics http://ix.io/4cXm
  8. shutdown and reboot commands stays system shutted down but powered on.
  9. Sorry, there nothing to connect to HDMI. And there no login prompt on serial console. But yes, network scan found an IP obtained with DHCP, then I successful login into armbian first login wizard. System cooler works on full speed all the time.
  10. there boot log on Helios64, image from yandex disk screen.txt
  11. I go by tree from ytour post /sys/devices/platform/p6-fan/hwmon/hwmon6 ans see no hwmon in /sys/devices/platform/p6-fan(begin of lines removed): root@helios64:/sys/devices/platform/p6-fan# ls -l driver_override modalias of_node -> ../../../firmware/devicetree/base/p6-fan power subsystem -> ../../../bus/platform supplier:platform:ff420010.pwm -> ../../virtual/devlink/platform:ff420010.pwm--platform:p6-fan uevent waiting_for_supplier I build this kernel with armbian default kernel config. How can we have different trees in /sys on same hardware?
  12. Fresh build edge bullseye image with kernel Linux helios 5.18.0-rockchip64 #trunk SMP PREEMPT Sun May 29 20:19:27 EEST 2022 aarch64 GNU/Linux fancontrol not work, because there no /dev/fan devices How to get fancontrol back to work?
  13. How to use kdump on SBC, with armbian, and kernel, builded in armbian build system and installed as .deb packets?
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