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  1. @maka if you think every box is the same your complete wrong !!! only the t95 ,tr43 and x96 have box-demo as base dts so and it is not fully supported there is still no npu in mainline and video decoding is nah it works thats it @mmie4jbcu the x88 is based on the rk3566-evb5-lp4x-v10 so a board with a io-domain from a rk809 will do such as indeed a m2 from firefly but for making a proper dts compare it downstream with a rk3566-evb5-lp4x-v10. and the factory dtb has 2 dts files use the second @hotnikq some people as @tmm1 give you a very good hint wich is the base dts and a decompiled dts is not a proper dts it is a start , and what you now got is nothing and if you looked around you see there is also a android 12 image for your box with a little updated dts and is easy to compare to the armbian legacy build just decompile the dtb of rk3566-evb3-ddr3-v10 and compare it against the decompiled of the android 12 image . ow and the h96 factory dtb has 2 dts files one with a tcs4525 config and the other has a sti8070 so check your pcb wich it has . wonder what the dmesg says about the included dtb ow btw it is thc013 aka shaggy013 🤗 h96-v56-sti8070.dtb h96-v56-tcs4525.dtb
  2. lol what a mess do just a proper reverse of the dts then just using a decompiled one .
  3. your confusing dtb and dts and you realy have no clue when you say compare a 4.19 dtb with a mainline dtb your still wanna go from step 1 to end result wich is not gonna work the problem is that people dont read and are lazy !
  4. h96 v56 has a rk809 the h96 v58 (rk3588) has a pmic x88 has no pmic from other boards i cannot see it so quick quartz64-a has rk817 firefly has rk809 etc etc at least warpme did a proper dtb downstream > bad decompiled dts > dts proper downstream ( adapt one from device tree folder or make dts wich at the end match compiled with original dtb ) conversion and then changed it for mainline in other words he did ALL the steps then just 1 not working hdmi is just 1 name change in a dts from below 4.19.206 would you also like a explanation about ? "a decompiled dtb is not a dts for use in kernel and it is sure not gonna work with a 4.19 on a 5.10 kernel" or your gonna call the Ghostbusters Hotnikq is not gonna find it in my outdated guide to build from bsp that is a guide of building from bsp and has nothing to do with reverse engineer a dtb . Tmm1 is not gonna make it either as long he thinks that some editing in a decompiled dts is gonna make it work . and posting about a end result is not gonna help either as long you did not all the steps from the dtb of your board . And why "devs" have no interest is they dont have that board for testing and helping remotly is just not gonna work , just buy a sbc from one of the vendors like pine64 raxda firefly etc they just as cheap as a tvbox and 100% more support
  5. more nonsens maka ? it is a dts for a x96_x6 wich dont have a pmic because it is a cheaptv box and indeed too dangereous for you !
  6. lol that is all not gonna work same as with that h96 v56 a decompiled dtb is not a dts for use in kernel and it is sure not gonna work with a 4.19 on a 5.10 kernel just check if your board has a pmic and if it is a rk817 or rk809 otherwise things get very hot for 4.19 below 219 there are some name changes in the dts to work on +219 version and for 5.10 you have to adjust some settings in storage devices
  7. It works even the graphics damn how i as noob gonna without asking compare dts ,defconfig against a proper downstream one from a sensei for a quartz64 , mainstream is no issue lot of sensei for that .
  8. yeah that is just mainline kernel would be weird if it need testing after so long time where is the dowmstream kernel ?
  9. i got the model you should have by now or is on the way the firefly dts is weird core and then base and then model pcie was a little fixed months ago and lately someone noticed data corruption so they fixed that in the last 5.16, 5.17 last what i read about is that the patches are not included yet but you can find them , i see you included these usb3 and pcie patch. the 4.19 downstream rockchip also adjusted some pcie settings i wouldnt know if that dts works or not , proberly some litte changes it is a dts from the 5.13-14 and yeah comparing a downstream dts with a mainline is not 1 to 1 but you know that , but for mainline it is easy you have a good working dts for the quartz64 to begin a port for a m2 only a shematic a your almost done
  10. i didnt it depends how smart or stupid os-assistant program/script is not uboot . and in my opinion you could solve your answer with just a google search got 4 partitions and editing a extlinux.conf is easy .
  11. Huh i am not a owner of a m2 but i am a rk3566 user pci ? pcie not working ? https://gitlab.com/pine64-org/quartz-bsp/linux-next/-/commit/0e2d1d8ff6cfe4bca99de4906d6eb14a2416b2c6 well my pcie dvbc tv card works from what i understand it is not 100% stable with high loads , more the fine tunning and would be fixed if another thing got posted first in the kernel ow and hdmi in 5.10 does work , only trouble i have is with rga and the npu
  12. a 3A power supply is enough you can check L2101 inductor the opi 4 is little bad with noisy power and active cooling is needed for working under heavy load on a rk3399 i compile gentoo on a opi4 wit all usb populated and a mini pcie wifi (yeah rust,gcc,clang spidermpnkey is no fun ) idle 30c /full load 60 c 5.10 is the most stable
  13. not usb3 dp alt-dp power rk3399-orangepi-4.dtb rk3399-orangepi-4.dts
  14. yeah the admin of that forum and you got 423 channels and tvheadend is fun there is a wiki a manual and a lot of info how it works the wizard is just to get it working , and then you have to tune it to your desires map the services to channels has the option check mux changes to be enabled or not etc,etc and epg is not that fast and works when you have it setup . just check what the mux is to start to scan to get a mux list , is the provider id right ,is there a encryption involved , etc etc
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