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    Joe_PS got a reaction from Igor in [SOLVED] Module 'nls_utf8' was missing in armbian 5.3.6 (4.13.16-sunxi64)   
    And OMV Remote Mount (CIFS/SMB) works as well!
    Many thanks!
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    Joe_PS reacted to zador.blood.stained in [SOLVED] OrangePi Zero Plus: How to disable Wi-Fi (WLAN)?   
    The easiest way would be blacklisting 8189fs.
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    Joe_PS reacted to pfeerick in Orange Pi Zero Plus / H5 Chip   
    @Joe_PS PuTTY is a piece of software that you use to connect to a remote computer, and access a terminal prompt (or a desktop GUI using X11 forwarding). You can use a serial connection (the simplest and most direct), and then later SSH over a network once the device is setup if you wish. You'll basically have a terminal/console prompt, and will be controlling the device as if you had a monitor and keyboard hooked up to it. So yes, you'll be able to type in 'armbian-config' and then use the keyboard to navigate the menus and install OMV via the software packages section. 
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    Joe_PS reacted to tkaiser in [OPi0+] How to minimize power consumption (DLNA/UPnP music streaming server)   
    By setting the speed with ethtool: (h3consumption is essentially doing just that: adding a line with an ethtool call to /etc/rc.local).
    Besides that you really don't want to use any nightly build for something productive (recently Ethernet stopped to work on H5 boards with latest nightly kernel) and there's a nice OMV image available for the board you're interested in which is the best idea if you want to start with OMV anyway...
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    Joe_PS got a reaction from pfeerick in Orange Pi Zero Plus / H5 Chip   
    Ok, sounds very simple. As mentioned, I plan to install, do what you described,  and finally key in 'armbian-config' ... and thereafter the armbian-config screens will be displayed? And I can control these screens via PuTTY? (Never heard/read this before). --> That seems to be doable for newbies like me  Let's purchase a OPi0+ today ...
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    Joe_PS reacted to Igor in Orange Pi Zero Plus / H5 Chip   
    All you need is a micro USB cable which acts as a serial console and a power cable. Plug it into USB3 port of your computer and login via newly created serial console or via SSH/network. You can use Putty or similar.

    You don't need to install anything and you certainly don't want to run a desktop+VNC on this board.
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    Joe_PS reacted to Igor in Orange Pi Zero Plus / H5 Chip   
    For OMV you need Debian based distro. You need to login somehow, via serial console or via SSH. Than armbian-config -> software -> OMV ...