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  1. Hi: I am confused. The current armbian for cubietruck is still:Armbian_5.20_Cubietruck_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop-2.7z but on the download page it states that version 5.23 is the latest version. What should I do to get the latest version? (as of today Nov. 13,2016
  2. hi: Use ssh or vnc to connect smart phones to PCs or single board systems. Servers and clients are available in the repos. ssh ----- openssl (client and server) vnc clients ----- remina, tightvncviewer tigervncviewer vnc server ----- xtightvncserver and more -just google it For smartphones you can find several ssh and vnc clients and even servers at the google appstore or in apk websites outside the google world.
  3. I fixed it by myself. The new Armbian versions now let you set up a user during initial boot. Sound is still a tricky business in linux. Same with Armbian Debian-Jessie 4.4.112 desktop. I think this image even loads pulseaudio by default but no GUI to set pulseaudio configuration. ALSA installed only (as wih the server images) should be a good start, because it installs the alsa-utils so you may play WAV files from command line and set audio levels with alsamixer. To play mp3 one has to be able to install and load lame. Does somebody know how to do that? Did somebody record sound via command line which is coming from the "line in" 3.5mm jack from a cheap microphone?
  4. Hi: Trusty ubuntu is workig great on my CT. It boots into /root and uses this as Home. I set up a new user in /home/armbian and now I would like to boot into this user. I installed lightdm but the system still boots into /root and does not show a log in screen after boot. How can I fix that? Thanx in advance BTW: $ aplay speker-test works after boot. When I run youtube in root video is working fine. Sound comes up only for a fraction of a second and then mutes. After that aplay is also not working any more. Any clou?
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