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  1. Hi @prahal, thank you for helping me ! So, I have remove the jumper cap and the MicroSD card, but the boot from eMMC doesn’t work. This is what I have when I try to start from eMMC : ... and the kernel never start. (The System activity LED of the Front Panel is blue still. It’s not blinking.) When I boot from the MicroSD card (with the command « run bootcmd_mmc1 »), it’s working. When I boot from the MicroSD card, at the step 5 of the @TDCroPower’s message ( ), I see this (I don’t know if it’s normal, especialy what is in red) : ( Maybe I have made a mistake because when I have do the step 6 of @TDCroPower’s message, I only « wget » 3 packages of this link : : linux-dtb-current-rockchip64_21.08.2_arm64.deb , linux-headers-current-rockchip64_21.08.2_arm64.deb and linux-image-current-rockchip64_21.08.2_arm64.deb. I didn’t « wget » the 3 packages « 21.05.9 ». (But, when i have try the downgrading with the Armbian_21.05.1_Helios64_buster_current_5.10.35 image on my MicroSD, i have « wget » all the three packages of . But it was not working neither....) )
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently trying to repair my Helios64. I exposed my problem in this topic : A member ( @IcerJo ) said that this problem could be related to this topic. So I read the posts of this topic looking for a solution. I removed the hard drives from my NAS (to avoid a false manipulation) and I opened it (to be able to force the boot from the microSD with the jumper cab P10). Then I followed the instructions of the @TDCroPower message (here : Unfortunately, it didn't work. My NAS refuses to boot from the eMMC (fail at step 10 of the @TDCroPower message). Note that I tried 2 times these instructions: first with the Armbian_21.08.2_Helios64_buster_current_5.10.63 image. Then with the Armbian_21.05.1_Helios64_buster_current_5.10.35 image. My current version is: Armbian 21.08.3 Buster with Linux 5.10.63-rockchip64 and my NAS can only boot from the MicroSD card. Moreover, I can only communicate with it through the usb−usb-c cable, via picocom. SSH doesn’t work (I have an error message " WARNING: remote host identification has changed! "...). Concerning the boot from the eMMC, I understood that it was maybe necessary to refresh the bootloader on eMMC. I didn’t understand very well the procedure to follow to make such thing. I went to armbian-config > System > Install > 5 - Install/Update the bootloader on SD/eMMC, then I rebooted... but nothing. Here is what picocom returns when I try to boot from the eMMC: I'm a little bit lost. I don't understand much about it. Does anyone have a clue for me? Whether the NAS runs on eMMC or MicroSD doesn't really matter to me. I just want to be able to get a working NAS and recover the data from my hard drives (previously configured with OpenMediaVault). Thank you very much, everyone.
  3. Thank you, @IcerJo. I will try this today or tomorrow ! Two questions, please : 1/ Can I do this without fear for my data (I have 2 RAID1 encrypted with LUKS encryption plugin from OpenMediaVault) ; 2) Can I do this not with a previous Helios64 image (like the Linux 5.10.43-rockchip64) but with a more recent (like the 5.10.63 or the 5.10.64) ? I’m not sure but it’s seem that @alchemist have do this here :
  4. Something like that ? -->ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=USB+UART+adapter&qid=1631903713&qsid=262-4238766-5218215&sr=8-5&sres=B08T24NML9%2CB07TFSZ3ZP%2CB07BBPX8B8%2CB01CYBHM26%2CB07N2YLH26%2CB07LH6NJSZ%2CB08VRQFNSN%2CB075XK737D%2CB07TXVRQ7V%2CB07WF7BJJH%2CB0773G2K92%2CB01LY97ZM5%2CB08Y8CJRZT%2CB082R9MYV9%2CB07VDSJPKX%2CB01N9RZK6I%2CB00VBOCUIO%2CB07LH54QHM%2CB072K3Z3TL%2CB004ZMYTYC&srpt=ELECTRONIC_ADAPTER OK, thank you, Werner, I will do that !
  5. Hello everyone, I’m starting this message by apologizing for my poor English (I am French) and also by informing you that I am a newbie with Linux. I have a big problem with my NAS Helios64. At first, I thought this problem was caused by OMV. So I went to the OMV forum to explain my situation. I created the following topic: . There, a kind moderator (macom) asked me to enter some instructions to try to pinpoint the root of the problem. After giving him some outputs, he told me: "For me it looks like your SD card is dead." My installation is not on an SD card but on the eMMC chip of the Helios64. (I followed the Kobol wiki instructions exactly from here : ) After that, my NAS has become unreachable. I can no longer log into the OMV Dashboard. I cannot reach the NAS by SSH either. I can just tell you that all the LED lights on the NAS are solid blue. No red diode on. Is the eMMC chip of my NAS dead? Is there a solution that would prevent me from losing all the data stored on the hard drives? (They are in RAID1 and they are encrypted with the OMV LUKS encryption plugin) (I have not made a data backup elsewhere ... I know, big mistake!) I thank in advance all those who will take the time to help me.