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    NickS got a reaction from sirleon in Helios4 Support   
    Hi sirleon,
    I'm running OMV4 in my deployment, and a recent set of updates broke "psutil.disk_io_counters()".
    If you are using this routine in your OLED code to fetch disk information then this may be your problem. Anyway you should
    SSH into your NAS and run the OLED code directly from the SSH terminal and let us see all the nice error messages it throws up :}
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    NickS got a reaction from twinstar1337 in Install nextcloud or owncloud on top of OMV   
    OK I just found my notes on this and it was a little more complex than I led you to believe. I've added a text file with all my install and update notes.
    I guess you follow the install notes first and only the update if required.
    I now remember that I got a lot of this info from a web search, and it did get me up and running with ownCloud. But oC had several red flags that were annoying
    so I researched fixes for those and included in this text file.
    Good luck ... Nick