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  1. OK, I can't remember but maybe I do following blindly the instructions! Thanks a million @balbes150 and @Moklev
  2. I didn't remember adding manually any dtb.img with 5.34 version or maybe an old one? Can the system boot without adding a dtb file? Anyway this evening I try to find wich dtb is suitable for my MXQ PRO 4K and MXQ PRO 4K. Thanks @guidol
  3. Hey @balbes150 I don't understand the process to try different dtb files. By example, in Armbian_5.37_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20180205.img.xz in the BOOT partition I can find a folder called /dtb/ other /dtb-3.14.29/ and other /dtb-3.14.29.old/ but not a file called dtb.img inside or outside this folders. Can you check the instructions in the first page of this post and update the information? Please
  4. More or less same results here with supposed MXQ PRO and MXQ PRO Plus (different Wi-Fi as show on previous images). Last image working without issues are Armbian_5.37_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20171226.img. But I can't make run any kernel 4.9 or new Mali images.
  5. OK, I'm a lazy guy. I run Ubuntu in my main computer so I only need to download, apply patch and compile. At the end of the process I obtain a complete .img file ready to write in the card?
  6. Hi @raschid or @guidol can you share this new image? Or is going to be included in the official repo from armbian in the future? Thanks in advance.
  7. I post here: And rise an issue on Etcher GitHub
  8. With Ubuntu and this Etcher version, have 2 broken microSD cards. It's supposed that can't happen but for sure the SD card never works properly.
  9. Nice to know!!! maybe I give a second chance to my Sunvell R69. or better stay with stock Android version or H3droid
  10. Founded. I like to bet for death horses! And the First additional stretch goal is reached 22.943 € Monday, February 5.
  11. OK no support for HS2734A on my supposed MXQ Pro Plus but, what about SV6051P TAB1723 BMT84 on my supposed MXQ Pro? Thanks again @balbes150
  12. I only can find a couple of mentions, here in English: and here in Russian: And if you say "Strange" for me thats mean no-wifi on armbian Thanks!!!
  13. gparted, gnome disk utility, dd with dev zeo, dd with dev random, diskpart from windows, sd formatter from windows, disk utility from MacOS, try to format with an Android movile, ... NOTHING WORKS!!!
  14. Yes, I know I think the 1.3.0 bricked two of my cards and that's supossed can't happens but for sure I have now two Read Only microSD card and i try every single method on every single platform ... and nothing. Bricked.
  15. Also I need to do something with the stock heat sink, because the SoC is the same than the ODROID-C2. This heat sink is far away the size and for sure the performance.
  16. Hi @balbes150 I finally manage to open my MXQ Pro Plus and the Wi-Fi chips is marked as HS2734A V15628 98MA Any chance of having this Wi-Fi working with your images? Thanks in advance
  17. I have an old script in my GitHub (please search with my nick). You can add as a cron job and use, because the script email the IP every time the IP is different than the previous one. I start the loop with an IP never used on my network, in this way I always have the fist ip assignment and in every change the new one. With nmtui you can config completely eth and wlan connections. With nmtui-connetc only wlan.
  18. Hey @balbes150 is a bug in the image writer I use I think the software destroy my microSD cards:
  19. This way of configuration works, but is not the better one. You can set static IP using nmtui. You can try installing Dataplicity (from to access remotely and after this read the IP. Or search some script or Python script to send you by email the IP after the boot and connect.
  20. As @tkaiser said you don't need to change `interfaces` manually because you ends with a mess .
  21. I'm not and expert but you only have dns on eth0 config. Please use nmtui to config your network, here you can find the guide for the Wi-Fi
  22. There is a recent bug in Linux causing errors writing images. While we're hoping to release Etcher 1.3.1 soon, but as a temporary workaround you can do to manually downgrade to 1.2.1 : sudo apt-get remove etcher-electron sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install etcher-electron
  23. Yes, I download the zip, checked the hash and install the "Armbian_5.37_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20180116.img". I need to open the box to check the Wi-Fi vendor inside these newx MXQ boxes.