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  1. Thanks for the TV Box link. But where I can find the image you loaded? Thanks again.
  2. Is this model ? Thanks.
  3. Some time Raspberry Pi will move to USB-C and everybody will do. An eMMC module standard can be another game changer. And of course, except you guys, nobody is putting a serious effort on improve the OS side of this computer board world.
  4. Tritium is a set of boards based on Allwinners H2+, H3 and H5 from Libre Computer creators of Le Potato. Opinions? Hopes?
  5. Any question about cpu performance. Running sysbench test (only for basic stress the borad) I find the CPU info only reach 648MHz and a marginal 0.04% at 1,01GHz with interactive governor. Is this the normal behavior or it can reach high frequencies during more time?
  6. Some minor issues related to @tkaiser armbian image, both of then: lock the /var/dpkg after first apt update , so I need to manually fix before run apt upgrade I can't make the system boot directly to armbian, I need to start Android -> insert the uSD card with armbian > go to a Terminal previously installed on Android > switch to root user (my device is factory rooted) > reboot I configure the screen using h3disp with 1080p60 as I use with other boards. With the Desktop image, the tty are 1080p and Ok but the Desktop is recognized by the TV as an 1080p but only
  7. Today, I received my Sunvell R69 and complete basic info on Sunxi page, including pictures. From Desktop image provided by @tkaiser the eMMC can be browsed, ¿any petition?
  8. OK, I try to update Sunxi page this evenig. So many tanks!
  9. OK, I started the Sunxi wiki page ... Is a pice of crap, yes I know. Hi @guidol may I use your board images in the wiki? Anyone interested in sent me info to fill the info. Thanks!!
  10. Any chance of having Official support for this board? thanks
  11. OK, following commands was never tested on my armbian boards but I used long time ago on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian: sudo apt-get install vsftpd Edit and config the server: sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf Uncomment this lines: local_enable=YES write_enable=YES Save the changes and restart the server: sudo service vsftpd restart Now you maybe can connect to the insecure ftp server using: the IP of your armbian machine the user and password you configure in the first run. Here you can found more info about vsftpd:
  12. If you have SSH enabled you have sFTP installed and ready to use. Check if yo can reach ftp://your-server:22 (don't forget to add the 22 port at the end because is dfferent form normal FTP port, the 21).
  13. Maybe Balena has a better support for your board.
  14. I preffer with decent Orange Pi support
  15. I use the OMV armbian based images from @tkaiser and I don't have this problem. The system always power off correctly and I have active the ethernet and the wireless connection simultaneously. The link to the images is
  16. No, my kernel is 3.0.8+ older than galland version. I saw the new merged commit to the mainline but I'm not considering to spend time compiling or whatever. The boards works for me and ... if it works you don't need to fix it. This evening or tomorrow I try to copy xorg.conf and share in paste.bin but I don't have a clear idea about the conf because I don't want to mingle with my config files: Can you specify what files do you want?
  17. I have a UG802 running Ubuntu 14.04 at full screen without problems in this post you can see my uname : I can't update to 16.04 because the old smelly kernel.
  18. kudos for hardkernel !!! ... and of course to @tkaiser thanks for sharing this mini review.
  19. mmm very interesting, maybe in the future can be the replacement to my Beelink X2
  20. OK, TL;DR; An UAS or UASP capable USB interface like these: can bring you performance near to the SATA but using USB3 and in most cases USB2. But you need a proper driver or be included in the mainline kernel, as occurs with armbian. more in:
  21. Here you can find a reasonable support for the cheap Beelink X2 with 1GB of RAM and 8GB. It can be used as low profile desktop PC and can be more capable than you think with Linux. But the BeelinkX2 have a small problem related to your idea, if you choose to replace Android with Armbian in the internal memory you loose also the access to the microSD card. Here you can see some pictures and the size compared to a Raspberry Pi and an Orange Pi One. Maybe is interesting to