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  1. That patch is not good enough tobe added to default building. If the source is fresh downloaded (untouched yet) , it will do the work. But when I re do the build process, it double what it did .... causing a naming conflict when compiling DTB. Sincerely -bino-
  2. dear sir. First check wheter you enable ttyS1 or not. If no, and if you use 3.x kernel : 1. cd /boot 2. bin2fex ./script.bin script.fex 3. cp ./script.fex ./script.fex.orig (just incase) 4. look for uart_paraX section that have type=2 , and enable it i.e : [uart_para4] uart_used = 1 uart_port = 4 uart_type = 2 uart_tx = port:PG10<4><1><default><default> uart_rx = port:PG11<4><1><default><default> 5. fex2bin ./script.fex ./script.bin 6. reboot 7. the easiest method to use gps is via gpsd ...install it 8. edit /etc/default/gpsd : + set U
  3. Dear All I Need to implement : Based on I have to do patch to arch/arm/boot/dts/sun7i-a20.dtsi (to add can port) and arch/arm/boot/dts/sun7i-a20-cubieboard2.dts (to move led pins to another PE04/PE05) I take copies of dts and dtsi files from my previous build (so it's touched by igor's script), and make some modification and create a patch 1. cb2can-dtsi.patch : patch to activate can0 at PH20 and PH21 --- a/arch/arm/boot/dts/sun7i-a20
  4. another report The image creation still problem. But I thing the debs creation work, with modification at as above. My trial step is this : 1. I boot my board from SD card This SD card is based on your Vanila image. I did debs update using my previous (pre 4.3) compile process Reboot it .... and it give me Linux cubieboard2 4.2.5-sunxi #1 SMP Sat Oct 31 11:24:10 WIB 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux 2. make another debs update using my last build process, now it give me Linux cubieboard2 4.2.5-sunxi #2 SMP Mon Nov 2 13:34:03 WIB 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux So I thing the easiest r
  5. Dear Sir. Just a report. 1. I do that /lib refetch 2. remove output directory The previous trial before I did refetch also with no output directory, still failed at bootstrap things. But errors about kernel didn't show up after I change value at line 409 in tobe : LINUXDEFAULT="4.2.5" #Used tobe 'master' Yes it show ---> error: pathspec '4.2.5' did not match any file(s) known to git. But the process running well until bootstrap things. sincerely -bino-
  6. dear Sir ... There is no rootfs files/directory found in my PC. I just reboot it. And ... unfor tunately there is another error. Looks like to day there is 4.3 (Yesterday it's 4.2.5) at git:// It cause some more configuration questions appears although I set KERNEL_CONFIGURE="no" I follow all with default values, things like : [ o.k. ] Patching [ kernel 4.3.0 ] [ o.k. ] ... compiler bug [ already reverted ] [ kernel ] [ warn ] ... fix BRCMFMAC AP mode Banana & CT already applied [ kernel ] [ warn ] ... deb packaging fi
  7. Dear Sir. I really appreciate your enlightenment ... I Got the picture Sincerely -bino-
  8. Dear Sir I realy appreciate your help. But how about the GPIOs part ? I still use that pins (1-6) for other purpose. I also Took a look dtsi .. and found there is no 'normal' gpio definition in dts and dtsi. Sincerely -bino-
  9. Dear All ... My board is cubie2. Let's say I want to move led pins to pins other than PH20-PH21. In 3.x kernel , all we need to do is edit the fex file and compile it to script.bin. The edited parts is (from PH20/PH21 to PE10/PE11) : [gpio_para] gpio_used = 1 gpio_num = 8 gpio_pin_1 = port:PE04<3><default><default><1> gpio_pin_2 = port:PE05<3><default><default><1> gpio_pin_3 = port:PE06<3><default><default><1> gpio_pin_4 = port:PE07<3><default><default><1> gpio_pin_5 = port:PE08<3><
  10. My build process stoped with [ o.k. ] Install locales [ en_US.UTF-8 ] chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory [ error ] Installation of package failed I take a look at '' Aller 'Install locales' come at line 146, The command is at line 147 is : LC_ALL=C LANGUAGE=C LANG=C chroot $DEST/cache/sdcard /bin/bash -c "apt-get -y -qq install locales" w
  11. Well .... Since I decide to use cubieboard and armbian as my embeded system development base, it'll good for me to check this sub-forum frequently. But if you thingking to let me give my hand, kindly please first send me email about the rule , job, and expectation .. i need to know if i'm good enough for this. Sincerely -bino-
  12. errhhh How to mark this thread as 'solved' ? Sincerely -bino-
  13. 100% right. The last Legacy-kernel Image (i use Jesse) is working greate as expected. Currently I use PH20/PH21 to MUX4 , while by default they're connected to mux1 for status leds. Hmmm ... its time to trace the board and cut the line. I really appreciate your help. Sincerely -bino-
  14. dear Sir I read your response 2 days ago ... but I didn't response back ... I just don't want to push you make another response while in weekend. Now , I'm preparing new clean VM box just to do all this build thing. I'll back as soon as some new progress appear. Sincerely -bino-
  15. Wow !!! A very fast response .. I really appreciate it I'm not good in 'playing with the config'. Do you mean '.config' ? If So ... I'll take dumb stupid workaround. I'll try to compile 'kernel only' for both ... and try to compare both '.config' generated by the process ... Sincerely -bino-