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  1. I see, i tried the linux version of ImageRepacker but couldn't get it to work, i'll give it another shot or try the windows version
  2. Curious to know how you'd get the dtb from the image, I can't figure out how to access the boot partition. All the extraction tools I found appear to be outdated.
  3. i plugged it into the wrong power supply
  4. Sure but it'll probably only boot on the One Plus if at all, I didn't configure ram/bt/wifi or anything it should all be default and I fried mine so I can't test it. (I might have changed something in the ram settings but it didn't seem to make a difference for me) It's a PhoenixCard image.
  5. I was able to compile the 4.9 BSP with android so if you want to give it a shot it's doable though I haven't been able to do much with it.
  6. The I was looking at uses the PCIe lanes, there are no shortage of alternatives though, not a huge setback.
  7. Lame, I was hoping to get to use a PCIe SDR on it, looks like it will be a while if ever before it's even usable
  8. Yeah, i tried to warn you, it's not configured at all for anything specific, hopefully we'll get an actual repository for the modified source at some point.
  9. before you make you have to $ extract-bsp in the same directory I honestly don't know the difference between a couple of those, i'd like to know.
  10. yes, run from the android root directory $ source build/ or $ . build/ and lunch should work
  11. yes, only for the pine image, the orange pi image is missing the rest of the framework but there are ways to fudge it
  12. Maybe it just converts everything in that folder?
  13. You're right, now I'm super confused, maybe it's in one of the other packages? Try building the kernel without it, if you don't get an error that says mkbootimg not found then it's all good. Otherwise I can try reinstalling 16.04 and track down what i did to make it work. edit: you can also try 'android-tools-fsutils' but I can't verify that it has that file at the moment as for new lichee I haven't tried it but it might work better (or worse) and i wouldn't even bother with the 4.9 BSP as takiser said