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  1. Hi, Pine 64's delivery is in full swing and thousands of people are receiving/received their Pine64 boards (Mine is scheduled for May). One of the survey shows that majority of the people have chosen to install linux on their boards. Many people are struggling to find a good image for their boards and current some what stable image is based on already end of life 3.10 kernel and there is promising development by sunxi. I am sure that thousands will get benefited if they get Armbian for Pine64. So How about Armbian for Pine 64? Regards, -- Avinash
  2. Which kernel version does vanilla build for H3 will be based on? Is that 4.4.6?
  3. I tried this sysctl.conf: vm.swappiness=0 vm.min_free_kbytes=0 fstab: #/var/swap none swap sw 0 0 then "echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches" But now its randomly killing the processes.
  4. Hi, I am running same distributed processes on my RaspberryPI Model 2B running Raspbian Jessie and two OrangePI PC's running Armbian 5.05. Though i have enough ram available i found that there is high SWAP utilization on my OrangePI PC's. Also one CPU will be always 100% in OrangePI PC's. I have swappiness = 1 for both OrangePI PC's and Raspberry PI. ulimit -l = unlimited for RaspBerryPi and ulimit -l = 64 for OrangePI PC's. Attached is the screenshot:- From left:- (1) RaspBerryPi. (2) OrangePi PC, (3) OrangePi PC. How can i limit the swap usage and high CPU for OrangePI PC? Regards, -- Avinash
  5. Thanks @tkaiser. armbianmonitor is very useful and that does the job. Thanks @toast i was talking about SOC temp.
  6. Hi, I want to monitor the temperature of my Orange Pi PC's during some operation. When i login it shows the temperature. How to check the temperature after login? Regards, -- Avinash
  7. Wondeful. Soon i will be getting my pine64 boards. I am eager to try armbian supported image on it.
  8. Thanks kaiser, I will try nand-sata-install.sh. Regards, -- Avinash
  9. Hi does install to emmc works for orange pi plus 2 h3 board? I will be getting my plus 2 soon so want to know is it supported in arbian jessie yet. Regards, -- Avinash G A