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  1. Hi my opi PC suddenly display disappears as no signal. Later multiple times rebooted but no luck . it seems to PC is booting even keyboard mice gets power but no HDMI display. Green led blinks on booting. Please help to find put problem Rizwan
  2. hello please help to install and configure wifi usb edup ep n8553 on OPI pc dongle unrecognised and no working drivers. riz
  3. no hard feeling tkaiser Development boards comes across lot of misconception , errors, bugs, this is the way to mature the OS , after thorough test i realized my sd adapter failed . but it takes some time and realization as well as feedback from some enthusiast. I thank you for your response.
  4. thank you technik007_czcard reader was the culprit now everything is fine.
  5. thank you all for response i have 5V3a opi power for opi pc my hdds are powered by separate suitable adapters. no chance of power supply problem. i suspect any bug in OS .
  6. thank you .It is armbian jessie latest 5.14 mine is OPI PC . usb hard disk are seagate 1 tb and 2 tb but with all kind of file transfer between hdd it hangs and completely crash can not end task . only power off and on to boot again . no error logs available.
  7. OPI pc frequently hangs when transferring from or to file from any usb hdd. OPI PC freezes and never become operative till power shut and boot. kindly post any remedy. rizwan
  8. opi pc arm 5.10 ALSA no output from speakers but output only available through hdmi. when installed pulse audio able get and change audio hdmi to analog but when switched to HDMI playback hangs and freezes. Any solution?
  9. thank you tkaiser for your response i am using verbatim genuine class4 16gb card .more than 30 times i installed and used this card with other images including armbian 5.7. only this time i have error message that is not being resolved.
  10. DD command failed to write sd card end up writing only 200 mb to 600 mb with error message no space. my card is 16gb formated and checked by gparted . error being repeated contuesly. All option tried bs=4m, 1m nothing works out. kindly respond somebody has any solution.
  11. if possible kindly post how to boot and write image on usb drive thanks in advance
  12. hi tkaiser i used strotium class 10 32gb card. i run armbian jessie multiple times works fast and well .rebooted many times but exactly what happened no idea after one reboot card corrupted, same happend with another slower card which was performing well eventhough slower card. may be some software updates are not compatible. i have no idea what went wrong . Kindly check
  13. yes i suffered a lot. everything is fine good browsing speed , video playback but after reboot everything get collapsed. i suffered more than 5 times later went back to jessie compiled by jaser.so far only better working image. armbian jessie has problem with mounting usb hdd . keyboard issues. slow boot. and image corruption . kindly rectify .
  14. hi pl update with sudo apt-get intall usbmount and sudo apt-get intall pmount