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    wanriz reacted to rodolfo in opi pc hangs file transfer to usb hdd   
    After a lot of tests with different HDDs, SSDs and USB Flashdrives attached to USB ( host and OTG ports ) on OPI ONE/LITE with recent Armbian versions ( jessie vanilla server 5.10 , 5.12 , 5.13, 5.14 ) I've come to the following conclusions :
    - Armbian USB-storage on H3 is reliable and performant ( up to 35MB write/read per port )
    - Host and OTG ports show equal performance
    All problems encountered while testing OPI ONE/LITE with Armbian could be traced to
    - insufficient power supply ( not enough juice, overly noisy, large voltage drops on power spikes )
    - crappy lossy cables
    - crappy mismatching adapters ( old USB2-SATA on newer 1T HDD degraded performance to <1MB/s )
    I've been randomly using sdcards of dubious quality and never ran into any sort of problems either.
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    wanriz got a reaction from wildcat_paris in opi pc hangs file transfer to usb hdd   
    no hard feeling tkaiser
    Development boards comes across lot of misconception , errors, bugs, this is the way to mature the OS , after thorough test i realized my sd adapter failed . but it takes some time and realization as well as feedback from some enthusiast.
     I thank you for your response.
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    wanriz reacted to Igor in Install to EMMC   
    Yes it is, but it's only available if you build image on your own - or wait few days since we will build them. No, it goes to one ext4 partition.
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    wanriz reacted to Seasalt in Stop-gap overscan Login possible solution.   
    I am thinking about the Over-scan on first boot issue and the problems people are having trying to log in if the login questions are off the screen bottom.
    I under stand it is caused by not having a lot of development into the screen size adjusting software.
    It is essential that the lead developers prioritize the main Armbian bugs issues and I do not consider on the fly screen resizing a major issue when a stop gap solution could possibly work.
    My temporary solution would simply be that all logins scripts be tripled.
    Enter New Password
    Enter New Password
    Enter New Password:
    So even if some one cannot see all three due to over-scan they can at least understand how to get into a graphical interface by completing the first boot login procedure.
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    wanriz reacted to premo in Orange pi pc , usb mount   
    kindly help me to mount usb devices. I have wifi stick, usb sd. nothing detects on latest deb jessy.5.05