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  1. Thanks Olivluca. It worked perfectly for me. J.
  2. Can someone help me with a way to set the internal pullup resistors on a couple of gpio's on boot up? I want to use a couple of buttons without external resistors and without the resistors I get random triggers. I want to use command line without something like wiringGPIO Thanks for any help. J.
  3. I have been playing around with this as it is really annoying and have found that (on my board) by unmuting mic1, playback will be instant - but there is a loud pop/click. Does anyone know how to remove the click/pop? J.
  4. Hi Mitch. I am trying to get the on board audio on my neo to work. Can you point me in the right direction with what I should be selecting in buildroot? Also, I amn try to get USB storage to work so i can plug in a USB stick - any hints on this one? Thanks. J.
  5. Hey Igor. Thanks for the reply. I checked out your links and it is way beyond me. I looked the current fex file and found these 2 occurrences of PA 15 [card_boot] logical_start = 40960 sprite_work_delay = 500 sprite_err_delay = 200 sprite_gpio0 = port:PA15<1><default><default><default> next_work = 3 and [spi1] spi_used = 0 spi_cs_bitmap = 1 spi_cs0 = port:PA13<2><1><default><default> spi_sclk = port:PA14<2><default><default><default> spi_mosi = port:PA15<2><default><default><default> spi_miso = port:PA16<2><default><default><default> and PA16 [audio0] audio_used = 1 lineout_vol = 31 cap_vol = 5 audio_hp_ldo = "none" adcagc_used = 0 adcdrc_used = 0 dacdrc_used = 0 adchpf_used = 0 dachpf_used = 0 audio_pa_ctrl = port:PA16<1><default><default><0> So I really don't know what to change it to (without killing my system), that will allow me to connect a button between that port and ground. Is it even possible with those ports or should I look elsewhere?
  6. Hi, I realise the NeoCore is not yet supported, but I hope someone can help me with a problem that I am having using the GPIO as buttons. I would like to use the gpio marked GPIOPA13,P A14, PA15,P A16 and PA2 I think these are used by the UART and SPI - I don't require this functionality. I think I have to modify the fex, I have looked, but do not want to kill my system Isit possible to use those gpio? Can someone point me in the right direction? TIA. J.
  7. Hi. I have multiple USB wifi sticks and I would like to be able to connect to my wifi network without having to enter the device mac etc. using nmtui. Is it possible to use wlan0 as the device? Thanks. J.
  8. Hi Guido. I have been searching for a way to play audio on my blue tooth speaker for ages and was really excited when I saw your post. I compiled it according to your instructions and I can see and pair my speaker.But when I try to play a file I get this error My device shows as a ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode) I am using the latest Armbian. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks. J.
  9. Thanks @tkaiser for your reply. I naively just used the sd card from an existing Armbian Nano Pi Neo board and it all seemed to work. I may try the Neo air image or will wait for a supported image. J.
  10. Hi. I have received my new Neo Core and would like to flash my image to eMMC. I tried nand-sata-install but it says there is no target. On the Friendly Arm site they have a utility called eflasher, but I think this does not support Armbian. Is there a way to do it or a guide that I have missed? Thanks. J.
  11. Hi, I am using the Armbian NanoPiDuo image and I have enable sound through armbian-config. It work well except for a small issue. When a file is sent to play, it misses out on about .5 seconds of the first part of audio. So if I run speaker-test -t wav, instead of the sound playing "front left" it just play the work left, the continues playing "front left" correctly. If I stop speaker test and run again straight away it work as planned. If I wait a few seconds the original problem occurs. To my basic knowlege, it seems like it is initialising the sound out. Is anyone else having this problem? Are there any settings I can adjust to fix the problem? I know these are not completed versions, so I understand if it can not be fixed at the moment. Thanks V.
  12. Hi. I am hoping to connect this type of IR receiver to my NanoPi Neo. https://www.jaycar.com.au/arduino-compatible-infrared-receiver-module/p/XC4427 I am hoping that all I need to do is connect 5v, ground and signal to the IR receiver pin to pin 6 on the header. Can anyone help me with the software and what I need to do to install lirc so the IR receiver is recognised? TIA V.
  13. HI.. I have an opi zero and I want to copy the card and use it in a NanoPi Neo I plugged it in and it works but displays Orange Pi Zero on the login screen. What steps should I take to make it work best in the NanoPi Neo? Thanks. V.
  14. Hi All. Are there any rules to setting the CPU frequency and DRAM frequency using this tool? Eg: can you set the CPU Frequency to 827mHz (just a weird number) or are there specific multiples that are needed? Are there any combinations to avoid or that are best suited together? Thanks. J.
  15. Hi. Did you find a solution to this? I would like this type of config too. J.
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