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  1. I finally got around to fixing my board. Works well now! Shocking solder job though :o. How about here? https://linux-sunxi.org/Xunlong_Orange_Pi_Zero_Plus_2 I notice there are still no mentions on the wiki of the missing MOSFET.
  2. Ah interesting! Thanks for pointing that out. That's a bit reassuring. Hi 5kft, I did stumble across this site and datasheet when trying to find info about the component. Comparing the two datasheets it seems that the BSS138 has somewhat higher source-drain on resistances and a slightly higher threshold min. rating (0.1 V difference). I might try it and see what happens, just hope my solder isn't too thick for SOT23 soldering. Thanks guys.
  3. I do trust you, I am perhaps a bit concerned I was sent the wrong model.
  4. Can anyone please confirm the markings on the transistors they received from aliexpress? I bought from a link in this thread and it has "J1 6" on it. Is that.... suitable? I'll probably hold off soldering it.
  5. Sorry I don't really know much at all about those issues.
  6. Hi @fabbronet, I think you will find your issue is related to this: Have you tried setting the CPU frequency to 800MHz and then try to crash it?
  7. This is really quite interesting. I have the same board and issues. I had been running at 900MHz to avoid the crashes, until someone skilled came along and worked out why it wasn't operating properly. Pretty curious as to why Xunlong broke their boards this way, I guess a replacement is out of the question? ?
  8. I am not sure if they are panics, but the device does hang fairly often when under stress (it has hung just now doing the memtest). I am currently using the serial interface provided via the microUSB (yes I understand this isn't a good idea and the problem might be PSU issues and/or voltage drop, I have ordered new parts and cables to rectify this.). If I connect via the UART0 serial, will I see the kernel panic output? I haven't tried another microSD as this is a brand new one from a brick and mortar store. It also worked flawlessly on the RPI Zero W. Also thanks for y
  9. I ran also for 400 MB, and loop 1 was fine. I will leave memtester running for a few hours and see what happens. I did run the hash script for about 20 iterations - all the md5s were the same.
  10. I am doing a memtest now and mine seems to be okay. Could you please advise on the arguments you used for memtester?
  11. I got this error when I did update&upgrade on the same board, EXCEPT it only occurred for the kernel. I also got compression errors when I was pulling down the ROS2 git repositories. Are you using WiFi?