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  1. Hello, Do you know if a new install (from scratch, no upgrade from Buster) with Bullseye image is stable on Helios64 ? Thank you
  2. I think I will have to completely rebuild my server :/ All because of a simple update via armbian-config ... First of all, I must be able to recover all my data from my RAID10, I hope to be able to succeed ... Then, if I start from scratch, can I take the last armbian image for Helios64? (i.e) Armbian_21.05.9_Helios64_bullseye_current_5.10.63.img.xz or is it recommended to stay on the image: Armbian_21.05.9_Helios64_buster_current_5.10.63.img.xz sources: https://mirrors.netix.net/armbian/dl/helios64/archive/ Thank you
  3. Yes my SSD is working fine until armbian update. He has not moved from his slot in helios64. So I don't understand why I can't see it ...
  4. Hello, I started on a clean armbian buster image but the problem is that I can not already see my SSD drive where the broken system is located... My ssd has ~120 Gb of storage normally but I can't see it. I only see my 4 hard drives mounted in RAID10 and the SD Card ~30 Gb fdisk -l :
  5. Hi @ebin-dev, Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately, my system is not installed on emmc storage but on an SSD drive (slot 1). Is the procedure much the same? Which armbian Buster version should I boot from the SD card? If I understood correctly: boot on the sd card (with Jumper 10?) / Reinstall the system on emmc storage. Then how can I get my SSD to be the system again? I wouldn't want to break everything ... Thank you so much Flolm
  6. Hello, I have tried the procedure described on this topic (https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15431-helios64-support/page/9/) but it doesn't work for me. armbian is installed on an SSD, I have no micro SD card in my Helios64. Today, i can no longer start armbian :/ This is what the serial console shows me: Can you help me please ? i have a pretty complex setup and i wouldn't want to reinstall everything. Thank you, Flolm