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  1. @chwe @TonyMac32 Well, in the end I have bought the 1054Z. And it made its debut sniffing the phone line voltages in order to ensure if is my carrier providing "voltage reversal" upon disconnect. It was not :-P Tony, you might love the discussion (bottom) at https://hackaday.com/2016/10/05/choosing-a-scope-examining-bandwidth/
  2. Hi all. Sharing my somewhat peculiar use case here. I am a control freak. Yes. I don't like Carrier-provided modems controlling my network. Or a off-the-shelf (read: TP-Link, Netgear, Linksys, etc.) Router/Wifi too. And I also keep tab of the power consumption, because, the lower the power consumption, the longest the endurance of my UPS ;-) I elected the Tinker Board as my solution after some research. It's been a month since it went 'production' and I have to say that I am a hundred percent happy with the stability and performance.
  3. Ah @Hoerli Check /etc/securetty The console that you are trying to log in is probably unlisted. \o Tony!!
  4. Hey @TonyMac32!!! First of all, HUGE thanks for your output: I was expecting you to pour something here ;-) Well. I don't really really need 4 channels. Matter of fact, initially it will be more like a luxury multimeter, while I don't get more well versed in the possibilities and usage. I don't envision myself in a medium term tinkering with more complex electronic circuits (read: > 20 MHz), so... Well, I see that I could save around 50 bucks and get the double bandwidth with the 1102E. However, the 1054Z does have a bundle (from where I have
  5. Hi there Board! o/ This is me again tapping from your infinite wisdom. I will be emptying my pockets in the Canada trip and another item that I have in my shopping list is a Oscilloscope. And I'm flirting witha Rigol 1054Z (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012938E76/) Far from being a Engineer (my major was in chemistry, heh), but some times I do feel the need to check out some waveforms. And I like bench stuffs - I'm not considering some software-defined oscilloscope that would do the same for half the price. Because I'm cranky :-P
  6. "AVAILABLE FOR IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY." dammit. Thanks Tony! For what is worth, US is okay - I can have it shipped to some friend in us and I fetch in Canada ;-)
  7. Hi all o/ I'll be travelling to Canada in a couple of weeks (anyone visiting OpenStack summit in Vancouver?) and I was preparing my shopping cart. To my dismay, Tinker Board is off stock in both US and Canada resellers; I can only find rip-off prices from Marketplace and eBay! Does anyone here knows a reputable vendor where I could buy it sub-USD60? Appreciate any hints!
  8. No worries at all. Just stating the obvious, in case no one else raised the flag! Add to the bucket list ;-) Thank you very much for your efforts.
  9. Hi @Igor! Still no Shell syntax highlighting in the new extension?
  10. For what is worth, works great with my intentionally un-updated iPhone 6 iOS 9 Edit: because... Old people are cranky!!! Get off my lawn slowing down my phone with new iOS, Apple!
  11. Thanks, maintainers!! o/
  12. Hello there, @berre o/ During your IPv6 tests: 0 0 100 0 0 0| 0 0 | 180B 0 |71.8M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 0 0 100 0 0 0| 0 0 | 120B 0 |71.8M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 2 4 93 0 0 1|8192B 0 | 21M 300k|72.1M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 15 82 0 0 2| 0 0 | 101M 1926k|76.1M 10.1M 92.0M 1827M 1 13 84 0 0 2| 0 8192B| 94M 1513k|72.3M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 12 86 0 0 1| 0 0 | 95M 1440k|71.9M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 11 86 0 0 1| 0 0 | 92M 1229k|72.1M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 14 84 0 0 1|
  13. Hi there @berre Would you be willing to run your test along 'dstat -cdnm' and: - Paste us around 15 lines of good behaviour - Paste us the same 15 lines when you're getting the bad behaviour Looking forward, - RF.
  14. I have also added PR https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/934 Which is a dependency to my howto, due to default image size issues.