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  1. @chwe @TonyMac32 Well, in the end I have bought the 1054Z. And it made its debut sniffing the phone line voltages in order to ensure if is my carrier providing "voltage reversal" upon disconnect. It was not :-P Tony, you might love the discussion (bottom) at https://hackaday.com/2016/10/05/choosing-a-scope-examining-bandwidth/
  2. Hi all. Sharing my somewhat peculiar use case here. I am a control freak. Yes. I don't like Carrier-provided modems controlling my network. Or a off-the-shelf (read: TP-Link, Netgear, Linksys, etc.) Router/Wifi too. And I also keep tab of the power consumption, because, the lower the power consumption, the longest the endurance of my UPS ;-) I elected the Tinker Board as my solution after some research. It's been a month since it went 'production' and I have to say that I am a hundred percent happy with the stability and performance. A little more about my scenario. The Tinker Board is mainly my Router / NAT device. I only use the on-board Gigabit interface: I don't use any other external interfaces (USB Ethernet Dongles) or the WiFi / Bluetooth devices: I relinquish my Wireless ops to a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Pro. The 'magic' of the NIC partitioning is achieved by using VLAN tag. It creates several other different and independent interfaces while using the same underlying physical device. Do not mistake with Interface Aliases - which are neither isolated nor independent. VLAN tag requires a capable switch, so it can tag and forward the traffic accordingly to its respective ports. After running synthetic tests, I was able to pull around 930 Mbps sustained NATed throughput. The Tinker Board persistence resides in two external hard drives; one is a small factor (slim) 2½" laptop 500 GB HDD, powered by its caddy and a standard 3½" 6 TB hard drive as warm storage. Both caddies are the same, USB 3 capable and attached to a powered USB hub, so no power is drawn from the Tinker Board during its run time. As a side note, the 500 GB HDD spins all the time, while the 6 TB is spun only on demand, and spins down after 10 minutes if no activity. The boot is provided by a 256 MB (grins) SD card, which refers the rest of the boot process to the 500 GB HDD. The USB hub also has a Huawei GSM Dongle, in order to provide a cellphone gateway to my Asterisk VoIP infrastructure. Besides VoIP and NAT, the Tinker Board also runs Samba services and a DLNA media server, VPN, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, git, rsync (in daemon mode, because SSH is... costly!) and UPS monitoring. The memory figures usually stays behind 400 MB of RAM, as well its average load average below 0.2. VoIP is smooth, no cracks / lag, and the Samba service throughput is limited by the USB 2.0 bus bandwidth. It currently runs a stripped out to bare kernel, tailored to my needs and it is 100% headless. It is powered by a 1A power supply, using the loathed micro USB port and runs with the shipped heat sink. Temperature is monitored and it is always behind 50 Celsius. Looks like graph processing is the villain here when speaking about power consumption. Since I tally the power consumption (thanks to the UPS), the Tinker Board is using the same amount of power as the Raspberry Pi used to: Thrice the computing power with the same power consumption. I am positive that this scenario might not tailor the general use of the board. But it stated here, in case anyone has a similar use case ;-) If interested or have any question don't hesitate to get in touch. - Rodrigo.
  3. Ah @Hoerli Check /etc/securetty The console that you are trying to log in is probably unlisted. \o Tony!!
  4. Hey @TonyMac32!!! First of all, HUGE thanks for your output: I was expecting you to pour something here ;-) Well. I don't really really need 4 channels. Matter of fact, initially it will be more like a luxury multimeter, while I don't get more well versed in the possibilities and usage. I don't envision myself in a medium term tinkering with more complex electronic circuits (read: > 20 MHz), so... Well, I see that I could save around 50 bucks and get the double bandwidth with the 1102E. However, the 1054Z does have a bundle (from where I have a open RFP) which also includes a I2C, SPI and UART protocol decoder, where I do see myself tinkering with (would have helped me a lot when I was writing a LTC2990 I2C python driver...). Datasheet here. And the 1054 sports a larger screen :-P Any extra thoughts? Ah, FWIW, HP / Agilent / Keysight; I got somewhat acquainted with it, hehe. Last year I bought one of those software-defined VNAs (PocketVNA) and was observing the alternatives. I was stunned by the pricing of a old, 2nd hand VNA. What for? A fancy Antenna Analyzer to test VSWR and impedance ;-P Oh well. ;-) EDIT: Check this out, contains pricing (in CAD): https://www.rigolcanada.com/products/digital-oscilloscopes/
  5. Hi there Board! o/ This is me again tapping from your infinite wisdom. I will be emptying my pockets in the Canada trip and another item that I have in my shopping list is a Oscilloscope. And I'm flirting witha Rigol 1054Z (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012938E76/) Far from being a Engineer (my major was in chemistry, heh), but some times I do feel the need to check out some waveforms. And I like bench stuffs - I'm not considering some software-defined oscilloscope that would do the same for half the price. Because I'm cranky :-P What's your opinion? I aim to stay behind the USD450 bar. Eager to hear your opinion! Happy Sunday; - RF.
  6. "AVAILABLE FOR IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY." dammit. Thanks Tony! For what is worth, US is okay - I can have it shipped to some friend in us and I fetch in Canada ;-)
  7. Hi all o/ I'll be travelling to Canada in a couple of weeks (anyone visiting OpenStack summit in Vancouver?) and I was preparing my shopping cart. To my dismay, Tinker Board is off stock in both US and Canada resellers; I can only find rip-off prices from Marketplace and eBay! Does anyone here knows a reputable vendor where I could buy it sub-USD60? Appreciate any hints!
  8. No worries at all. Just stating the obvious, in case no one else raised the flag! Add to the bucket list ;-) Thank you very much for your efforts.
  9. Hi @Igor! Still no Shell syntax highlighting in the new extension?
  10. For what is worth, works great with my intentionally un-updated iPhone 6 iOS 9 Edit: because... Old people are cranky!!! Get off my lawn slowing down my phone with new iOS, Apple!
  11. Thanks, maintainers!! o/
  12. Hello there, @berre o/ During your IPv6 tests: 0 0 100 0 0 0| 0 0 | 180B 0 |71.8M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 0 0 100 0 0 0| 0 0 | 120B 0 |71.8M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 2 4 93 0 0 1|8192B 0 | 21M 300k|72.1M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 15 82 0 0 2| 0 0 | 101M 1926k|76.1M 10.1M 92.0M 1827M 1 13 84 0 0 2| 0 8192B| 94M 1513k|72.3M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 12 86 0 0 1| 0 0 | 95M 1440k|71.9M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 11 86 0 0 1| 0 0 | 92M 1229k|72.1M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 14 84 0 0 1| 0 0 | 106M 1583k|71.9M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 10 85 0 0 3| 0 0 | 92M 1508k|72.1M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 12 85 0 0 2| 0 0 | 99M 1606k|72.3M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 11 87 0 0 1| 0 8192B| 94M 1388k|72.0M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 10 87 0 0 3| 0 0 | 89M 1222k|72.2M 10.1M 92.0M 1831M 1 5 94 0 0 1| 0 0 | 44M 4955k|73.2M 10.1M 92.0M 1830M 0 0 99 0 0 0| 0 0 | 114k 2655k|73.4M 10.1M 92.0M 1830M 0 0 100 0 0 0| 0 0 | 130k 2995k|73.0M 10.1M 92.0M 1830M 0 0 99 0 0 0| 0 0 | 95k 2046k|73.5M 10.1M 92.0M 1830M 1 0 99 0 0 0| 0 8192B| 85k 1896k|73.3M 10.1M 92.0M 1830M 0 0 100 0 0 0| 0 0 | 13k 282k|73.2M 10.1M 92.0M 1830M 0 0 99 0 0 0| 0 0 | 623B 5309B|73.2M 10.1M 92.0M 1830M I do see it filling up the available bandwidth (ranging from 92-101 MB/s; times 9 -> 808 ~ 909 Mbps. Pretty decent. The System CPU times (2nd column) are on par with the IPV4 tests. And matter of fact, the BW tests too. So there's no aberration to point you immediately. I will be travelling in the end of May and will buy a extra tinkerboard (as a backup and for playing) and will run your tests.
  13. Hi there @berre Would you be willing to run your test along 'dstat -cdnm' and: - Paste us around 15 lines of good behaviour - Paste us the same 15 lines when you're getting the bad behaviour Looking forward, - RF.
  14. I have also added PR https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/934 Which is a dependency to my howto, due to default image size issues.
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