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    Maxime Hesling got a reaction from TRS-80 in No Ethernet in u-boot (Orange Pi win)   
    I (partially ?) solved the USB issue, it's now working in u-boot, the four USB ports are working, keyboard works (i can stop autoboot and write everything i want), and when usb key is connected, it's recognized as storage device, so it's all good !
    These are the changes I made to orangepi_win_defconfig, just added these two lines :
    I now have a problem with iPXE, it loads the menu (on my server), but i can't choose any of the options on the menu (don't know if it's iPXE related, (u-boot / efi) bug/misconfig, i'll try with a rpi pi 3), but i think that it is not armbian related at all, i'll stop bother you with any non-armbian stuff