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  1. Works like charm. logfile_odroid_2.log
  2. I used the boot.ini from you, but if I want to define the resolution of the hdmi output I need to know which uboot parameters are possible.
  3. The tv is connected via hdmi, it supports full hd. Personally I do not need the desktop, headless would more useful. HDMI is now working, resolution is wrong, the colors are maybe somehow shifted. Are those options possible: ?
  4. @Igor A little bit improvement could happen with 5.8 kernel. The armbian build seems to boot up. The hdmi output does not work. cQA5:A;SVN:B72;POC:17F;STS:0;BOOT:0;QA5:A;SVN:B72;POC:17F;STS:0;BOOT:0;INIT:10;BOOT:1;INIT:0;READ:0;CHECK:0;PASS:1; ------------------------------------BID : HKC13C0001 S/N : HKC1CC0349CD6833 0x0000009f check SD_boot_type:0x1 card_type:0x1 Loading U-boot...success. U-boot-00000-g3b0181fd0a(odroidc@3b0181fd) (Jul 17 2018 - 18:49:05) DRAM: 1 GiB relocation Offset is: 2ff20000 MMC: SDCARD: 0, eMMC: 1 IR init is done! vpu clk_level = 3 set vpu clk: 1821500
  5. Booting using the fdt blob at 0x11800000 Loading Kernel Image ... OK OK uboot time: 5690452 us. Using machid 0xf81 from environment faild to get aml_reserved_end address the default relocate ramdisk and fdt address-relocate_addr: 0x20000000 Loading Device Tree to 1fff6000, end 1ffff038 ... OK libfdt fdt_path_offset() returned FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND libfdt fdt_path_offset() returned FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND Starting kernel ... [ 0.183645] lima d00c0000.gpu: IRQ ppmmu2 not found [ 0.183687] lima d00c0000.gpu: IRQ ppmmu3 not found [ 0.187786] lima d00c0000.gpu: IRQ ppmmu4 not found [ 0.1926
  6. I tried this one: Armbian_20.05.3_Aml-s812_bullseye_current_5.7.0-rc4_desktop_20200506.img changed the dtb file location. Nothing happend, the uart print is limit to the first stage bootloader: QA5:A;SVN:B72;POC:17F;STS:0;BOOT:0;INIT:10;BOOT:1;INIT:0;READ:41;USB:3;QA5:A;SVN:B72;POC:17F;STS:0;BOOT:0;INIT:10;BOOT:1;INIT:0;READ:41;USB:3;SERIAL:4;STS:0;BOOT:0;INIT:10;BOOT:1;INIT:0;READ:41;USB:3;SERIAL:4; No HDMI output. The same applies to: LibreELEC-ARM-ALL.arm-9.80-devel-20200430145031-569f834-s8xx.img
  7. I have one and I would test it.
  8. @Tido No, I did not buy the wrong SBC, I just want to try this software. 32bit works so far, but not as a docker container. You need to deploy this directly. I address this as a possible workaround for armbian-config.
  9. Not directly, but maybe mayan-edms should be offered only to arm64 or we need a direct deployment.
  10. The same here on an odroid hc1 docker version Client: Version: 18.09.1 API version: 1.39 Go version: go1.11.6 Git commit: 4c52b90 Built: Tue, 03 Sep 2019 19:59:35 +0200 OS/Arch: linux/arm Experimental: false Server: Engine: Version: 18.09.1 API version: 1.39 (minimum version 1.12) Go version: go1.11.6 Git commit: 4c52b90 Built: Tue Sep 3 17:59:35 2019 OS/Arch: linux/arm Experimental: false docker logs mayan-edms standard_init_linux.go:207: exec user pro
  11. thank you, I give it a try. Currently I switched to the HDD, the amount of written data is enormous, like about 200GB for mysql and 150GB in two hours! Luckily the responsiveness raised a lot.
  12. hey, I'm having some trouble with my ssh connection to an armbian based server. It feels like a heavy lag within the filesystem, sometimes it takes up to 20 seconds to open a file with vim or use cd with tab-completion. But it is not always there, it feels more like some heavy write operation occurs spontaneously. I start digging but I have no clue why this happens. But at least I found the most disk I/O processes which are influxdb and mysql. [16:54|root@odroidhc1 ~]# cat /syscat /sys/fs/ext4/mmcblk0p1/session_write_kbytes 118811040 [16:55|root@odroidhc1 ~]# uptime 1
  13. You could use this: Do you have another system to do this offline? Or do you do this under a running armbian on this hc1 board?
  14. Same here, but with a odroid hc1. the bootloader should be the latest (odroidhc1 4.14.150-odroidxu4). The blue led is permanently on, the systems needs a hard power reset
  15. Thank you very much. I fixed it with a different approach in while. Take all necessary files in /boot and /lib/modules and copy them. Save the mbr and partition table with fdisk to a file, then copy straight with the dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/sdc bs=512 count=8192 and restore afterwards the saved fdisk dump. I forget to mentioned it here: the SoC is the odroid HC1.