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  1. I have an array of HC2's running lizardfs. The other units are running 5.4.72-odroidxu4 kernels, but I dared to upgrade one to 5.8.16-odroidxu4 Only this one unit threw a Since the other units didn't I show anything in their logs, I have to assume it isn't because a process running away or a memory leak. line of fstab to mount the spinning rust drive: UUID=be95e207-1768-4fd9-bda9-ddc126a47d50 /chunks/be95e207-1768-4fd9-bda9-ddc126a47d50 xfs rw,noexec,nodev,noatime,nodiratime,largeio,inode64 0 2 Can't think of any additional info that would be useful. If someone has suggestions, i would be interested.
  2. @gprovostmy armbian is currenly "stuck" on legacy since I went back to 4.4 kernel. With armbian-config there is no 'switch' option to switch from legacy to current or dev. Any suggestion how I could switch so that I can install the new kernel when it becomes available?
  3. I just switched to "ondemand' and your settings: Now wait *UPDATE* Crashed within _minutes_ On the serial console
  4. I am so glad my machine survived the night without crashing. It's now part of my lizardfs distributed storage pool and is still synchronizing Once it has ran 24 hours , i will reboot and change those parameters and report back.
  5. @gprovost Was able to copy all info in parallel to SSD drive. First time this machine felt stable under load! I put those 2 commands in /etc/rc.local ;-) Thank you for restoring my faith in the helios64, i had almost lost it
  6. 21:58:29 up 24 min, 7 users, load average: 9.06, 6.67, 3.94 [knock wood, but so far so good] 5 rsync in parallel at the moment
  7. My machine is really making me sweat. I installed armbian-buster-legacy-4.4 on an SD card and managed to boot it (much slower performance than internal emmc) I tried to install lizardfs-chunkserver again. In order to do that I am mounting the spinning rust partitions who I previously formatted with XFS When trying to mount the partitions RW I get this error It says you can mount in RO mode. I hooked up an external 256GB ssd to the front usb port and started copying the contents of the first HD to the SSD I was using It started copying and suddenly the machine stopped responding (after few minutes) This is what I saw on the serial console I have tried no both legacy and the most up to date images. And the only thing that is utterly consistent : it crashes on me all the times, no matter what I do. Could this be a bad hardware version ?
  8. I was on IRC on #armbian and they suggested using armbian-config to downgrade. Downgraded succesfully to 5.8.14. Looked good in the beginning but as soon as it got some load on it, it crashed. Then I used armbian-config to downgrade to 4.4 and like you predicted : it didn't go well Serial console now shows during bootup And that is from booting from the internal emmc Will have to find which jumper to install and boot from sdcard I guess
  9. Have been testing my helios64 with 5x12TB drives in different setups. omv & snapraid, but continuing a sync command uses so much ram that it become so slow that it might as well be described as unusable. Next I tried omv & ZFS Could get ZFS module compiled but then it wouldn't load the rest of utilities because missing dependencies (buster is real old) So finally switched to try lizardfs. Crashed on me after a few hours, hooked up serial console. Caught this error during the night: https://termbin.com/lsow Is it easy to downgrade to 5.8.14 or even 4.x kernel ?
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